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Why should I report an Issue with MOBROG Survey App?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

MOBROG Survey App Features and Description

Companies and academic researchers want to hear your opinion so that they can develop new products and improve their existing products and services. Using our app, you can take part in interesting surveys and earn money with your participation. No matter what time it is or where you are. MOBROG surveys are very easy: 1. Download our free app from the app store 2. Enter details about yourself and your interests in your profile in the app 3. Take part in surveys using the app and get paid for your opinion On average we are paying between $0.50 and $3 per survey.

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Troubleshoot and Solve Common MOBROG Survey App Issues

How to Fix MOBROG Survey App Not Working, Crashes, has Errors, Is Unresponsive, has Black screen/White screen:

To resolve these issues with MOBROG Survey App, we will start with troubleshooting the service itself and then account issues, then potential problems with your device. Let's get started:

  1. Check if MOBROG Survey App is down for everyone and not just you: A good way to know if it's not working for everyone is to check Appcontacter MOBROG Survey App user reports here >>. If other users are reporting that MOBROG Survey App is down, you'll need to wait until MOBROG Survey App itself fixes the issue.

  2. Clear MOBROG Survey App app cache: Clearing cached data will force.....

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I didn't receive my Amazon voucher

    — by Carl Smith 1 week ago

  • Hi, my account with the mail [email protected]. I think maby i logged in when I had my vpn on. Could you reactivate my account again? I can log in.

    — by Hasan osman 2 weeks ago

  • For the past 2 weeks, I always receive emails from mobrog to do a survey. However, every time I click on the link, it always says I can no longer do the survey and it's really annoying me.

    — by Nkelesia 1 month ago

  • I creat an new acc and try to log in it get my acc deact and I don't use it yet how he deact Kindy solved problem and informed in email

    — by Mohamed 1 month ago

  • Buna ziua , am facut si eu o valorificare premi si nu stiu ce sa intamplat cu premiul ca nu a ajuns la mine . va rog frumos daca puteti sa ma lamuriti . va multumesc,2023-04-13 10:47:35
    Order 1x Hyperwallet Banküberweisung
    EUR -10,20

    — by girdoc constanta 1 month ago

  • Idag 22/4 2023 skulle jag lösa in 50 kronor till mitt paypal konto när jag höll på med det så försvann allt så jag fick inga pengar

    — by Tommy Strid 1 month ago

  • I canceled my membership so send me back my money for membership

    — by Dovudkhon 1 month ago

  • Hi, I can't sing in in the app, I had to register another account because I didn't know that it has to be the same email in PayPal, I want to use this email ([email protected]), if it's possible, I want to cancel the other one ([email protected]), thank you.

    — by Juan Camilo Bedoya 1 month ago

  • Good day

    I registered with mobrog and when I tried logging in it said that my account was deactivated. Please assist me.

    Thank you mrs. JM Verster

    — by j.m 1 month ago

  • Hi.I created mobrog account, clicked the email and trying to login, keep saying account has been activated and have entered logins correctly, kidly help

    — by Timm 1 month ago

  • Thanks for reply, but! Have not recieved rewards from 9th to 15th march, piease explain

    — by Peter Loman 2 months ago

  • Not recieved rewards for 5argos rewards. In my balance it states sent

    — by Peter Loman 2 months ago

  • Hello, can't enter in my account.

    — by NEBIFE CATHERINE GANI 3 months ago

  • I have made an error in my apps and cannot get back my original points or surveys, please help

    — by Peter Loman 5 months ago

  • On November 15, 2022, I completed the survey with the following link:
    The survey was completed and at the end I received the confirmation that the points will be entered in my account. But, this did not happen. It is the THIRD survey completed and in which I received the points. Especially for an hour and a half lost.

    — by victor 6 months ago

  • Unable to redeem my rewards, I have tried for last three days

    — by Simon Burnell 6 months ago

  • My accounts is been deactivated
    Please how can I work it out

    — by Harry Ukot 7 months ago

  • I have had problems with my surveys last time October 2nd. Mobrog don't seem to answer correspondence. Is Mobrog a scam?

    — by Martin Keighery 7 months ago

  • Bonjour, je ne sais plus me connecter au site mobrog avec mon adresse [email protected]. j'ai le message que cette adresse n'est pas répertoriée. Et si j'essaie de créer un compte avec cette adresse, j'ai le message qu'elle est déjà utilisée. Donc il yva un soucis. Vous pouvez me répondre par mail à l'adresse mail [email protected] ou par téléphone au 0497088591 numéro belge. Je suis très triste car j'aimais contribuer à apporter des avis aux sondages. Merci de me répondre svp. Bonne journée.

    — by Hendrickx Raphaël 7 months ago

  • Bonjour je ne peux plus me connecter à mon compte j'avais déjà récolté 2 € 94 samedi que mon compte n'est pas répertorié quand je tape au mot de passe veuillez réactiver mon compte merci

    — by Sandrina Rosa lampreia 7 months ago

  • Hi 👋 I have an new email address which I have changed. My username is andrew1987 seems to be a lack off offers of surveys.

    This is because I have changed my email address from [email protected] to [email protected] on my mobrog account and needs to be updated in your system (kindly). I have also changed my pay Pal payment from landsnan [email protected] to [email protected] thus also needs to be updated from your end.

    Please accept my apologies and hopefully this will resolve the problems for me.

    Best regards

    Andrew landsman

    — by Andrew 7 months ago

  • I've noticed lately that I've been getting no invites to take part in surveys. Furthermore, when I use the option to "Search for a new survey!", a message appears showing that an error has occured. I found this unusual as I used to be able to take surveys daily or at least every two days and six days have passed since I answered the last one. After doing some research online, I think this may be due to my use of Honeygain, which may have caused MOBROG to block my IP adress. I've uninstalled Honeygain as I would like to continue taking part in these surveys. I would appreciate some feedback on this matter so I can have some clarification on the situation,
    Best regards,

    — by Afonso Vale 7 months ago

  • Hi I recently cashed out £4.00 paypal and I haven't received it and its been days. I normally get it same day in the past. Hope you can help

    — by Samantha Barnett 8 months ago

  • Yesterday my money to my account is 239.00 but now is 190.00

    — by Marita 8 months ago

  • E-mail címem megváltozott, amit jelentettem is, mely a következő:[email protected]
    Kértem 1.500 Ft utalását a PayPal számlámra, valószínű az e-mail cím változtatásom miatt nem kaptam meg, holott már nincs az egyenlegemben.

    — by Radovics Sándorné 8 months ago

  • On August 26th I noticed that 1.09 euros was deducted from my account due to quality control. What does this mean

    — by George 8 months ago

  • On September 16, I transferred the amount of 5 euros to my paypal account. To date they have not been credited yet. There are no reasons for this problem from those listed in the relevant help article. In the mobrog app the amount appears to have been executed.

    — by George 8 months ago

  • My balance was updated after I finished survey, but then same day the amount was taken away. Why?

    — by Polina 8 months ago

  • When I try to login to my app I keep getting a login failed message so I went online and tried to login and it said my account has been deactivated contact customer service.
    I have not deactivated my account, I have £3.50 in my balance and I really love the surveys and app. Please could you take a look into this for me. Thanks

    — by Olive 8 months ago

  • Nem íródnak jóvá a kitöltések után járó összegek 3 esetben is ugyan így jártam, plusz van mikor lefagy és nem tudok semmit tenni

    — by Nikolett Horváth-Reinener 9 months ago

  • I cannot access my app sadly.It just won't let me in,it has stopped working?

    — by Debbie Zappa 9 months ago

  • Hi, Good afternoon. I'm Raymart Buenconsejo and today at 11:09am I redeemed the wrong reward. I want to redeem PayPal worth ₱250 but I accidentally redeemed my money through EcoMatcher and I was shocked because I don't know what EcoMatcher is. And can you please help me to get refund because I badly need that money and I want it to redeemed through PayPal because I need it.The amount I'm trying to redeem through PayPal is ₱250 and the amount that I have now is ₱118 and I can't redeem it through my Paypal. Please help me to get my money back because I need it

    — by Raymart Buenconsejo 9 months ago

  • Dear staff my last survey wasn't credited??Also I was screened out on a few earlier on I would like my points credited Thank you .

    — by Noreen Murphy 9 months ago

  • I was checking my balance on MOBORG when I noticed a Quality Check which took a lot of my points away, can you please explain why this happened? I have pasted a copy of the details below.

    2022-08-14 21:10:09
    Quality Check (2289343)
    GBP -1,33

    — by Catherine Rothschild 9 months ago

  • bonjour, j'ai terminé ce sondage jusqu'à validation : 985b42f83ae14536ad et le statut est "screenout" pourriez-vous le valider, merci. Il s'agissait d'une enquête de 20 minutes sur Colruyt et Test Achats

    — by Tommy Schools 9 months ago

  • There is problem with my mobrog I completed 4 survey yesterday but my balance is still 0 I have also completed survey previously but the balance remail 0.
    Can you please check and let me know.

    — by Sara 9 months ago

  • I had money on my account and when I did these two surveys 131-0342 and the other one is 236-4070 instead of you guys give me my money you guys took all my money from my account and me to go to zero I don’t think that’s right for you guys to be doing that can you please explain to me why are you guys took my funds from my account thank you

    — by Roger Gallant 9 months ago

  • Hello!
    I registered Mobrog, got an email and acctivated my account, but when I want to log in, it says my account is deactivated. Maybe you can help me. My email is [email protected]

    Thank you!

    — by Marjaana Oja 10 months ago

  • Bonjour ,toujours pas reçue mon payement du 13/07 ,pourtant je n'ai jamais ue de problème habituellement c'est transfere dans les minutes qui suivent, mis à part ce petit problème qui j'espère seras résolue rapidement j'adore l'application, je l'utilise depuis plusieurs mois maintenant les sondages sont varié et intéressants. Merci mobrog.

    — by Anais giunta 10 months ago

  • Hy I'd like to re activate my account which was mistakenly cancelled

    — by Philani 10 months ago

  • Ik kan de optie uitbetaling PayPal niet aanvinken. Hoe kan dit? Kon bij mobrog altijd deze optie probleeml aanvinken ken maar sinds gisteren niet meer. Kan dit opgelost worden?

    — by Sam Stappenbeld 10 months ago

  • Hi, today I tried to try your app, but I ended up deleting my account by accident. I would very much like to recover my account. as it was an accident, I created another email to try to enter but it was also not possible because I deleted the first account.
    Thank you for your attention, I really hope you have a solution and I apologize for the inconvenience

    — by Cristina Dovgani 11 months ago

  • After completing PeanutLab surveys I keep getting error message. Please fix this.

    — by Razvan Corsei 1 year ago

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