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Why should I report an Issue with Pantaya?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Pantaya to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Pantaya Features and Description

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Necesito que cancelen mi suscripción me están cobrando 5.99 mensual si no hacen algo voy a meterles una demanda por estafadores.

    — by Rosalina Burgos on Sep 19 2021

  • No tengo acceso a la segunda temporada de la serie El Juego de las Llaves. Por favor contestar mi email. Estoy pagando por un servicio y no puedo utilizarlo.

    — by Yesenia Blanco on Sep 17 2021

  • My volume on my pantaya is not working how can I fix that

    — by Clara Valadez on Sep 06 2021

  • Tango mucosa problems Para iniciar sesion

    — by Persis Espinoza on Sep 03 2021

  • I cancel my account but you still charging

    — by Omar Acosta on Aug 28 2021

  • Please I want to cancel my account

    — by Omar Acosta on Aug 28 2021

  • I want cancel my account

    — by Marty Escamilla on Aug 23 2021

  • Hi I would like to cancel my subscription with Pantaya

    — by Carlos Melendez on Aug 23 2021

  • i need a new acount im change my email and password

    — by Rosangeles Tejeda on Aug 22 2021

  • Hello, my name is liliana Cruz, when I was making my account I accidently typed my email wrong so I want to change the email but I can't because I apparently also input my password wrong and I cannot remember it. May you please help me reset this? If you can answer this asap. Thank you.

    — by Liliana on Aug 13 2021

  • Hi my name is Carmen V. Im having a lot of trouble logging in to my account I wasn't able to watch anything there keeps telling me to register myself which I am already registered please try to help me fix this issue or I will cancel my membership thank tou

    — by Carmen villegas on Aug 09 2021

  • holla,que tal quiere cancelar i cuenta de pantaya..

    — by mike on Aug 05 2021

  • Ya no quiero el servicio y quiero la devolución de mi dinero me están cobrando y yo no autorice nada

    — by Pamela ovalle on Aug 04 2021

  • Forget my password

    — by Miguel on Aug 03 2021

  • I don’t know why they change me with every month and I can’t use the app

    — by Maria Lopez on Aug 01 2021

  • Help to cancel subscription

    — by Fabiola Pacheco on Jul 31 2021

  • I need help

    — by Alex on Jul 29 2021

  • Pueden entrar y tomar el pago de la cta gracias

    — by Sergio Duran on Jul 26 2021

  • Forget my password

    — by Yazmin Zavala on Jul 24 2021

  • They have been charging for months when I cancelled a long time ago I want all my refund money.

    — by Perla Tovar on Jul 22 2021

  • I need to cancel my subscription thanks

    — by israel on Jul 15 2021

  • Last year I cancel my subscription but no today you are charging me again can you help me cancel my subscription thank you

    — by israel on Jul 15 2021

  • Please cancel subscription

    — by Maria Punzo on Jul 13 2021

  • I want to cancel my account I don't just got for one show now I don't watch it or have interest in it.

    — by Ana Coronado on Jul 11 2021

  • I want to cancel my account I don't just got for one show now I dont watch it or have interest in it.

    — by Ana Coronado on Jul 11 2021

  • por favor quiero cancelar cuenta bajo [email protected] gracias por favor llamarme al 657-413-8180

    — by laura lucar on Jul 08 2021

  • I’m agustin wife and his just lost this email can u get in touch with my by my email @ [email protected]

    — by Agustin quintanar on Jul 04 2021

  • I forgot my email and password to my pantaya

    — by Agustin quintanar on Jul 03 2021

  • Can connect to pantaya

    — by Bianca on Jul 01 2021

  • Can connect to pantaya

    — by Bianca on Jul 01 2021

  • Me están cobrando y nunca pude entrar no me interesa esta aplicación porque le cobran y no deja entrar así que quiero cancelar la suscripción y den un número para contactarse con ustedes

    — by Iris Carcamo on Jul 01 2021

  • Pague dos veces mi suscripción cácele una que todavía está vigente me cobraron la segunda deseo reembolso de los dos pagos extra y cancelación de las dos cuentas si es que son dos cuentas

    — by Nancy on Jun 30 2021

  • Solicitud de cancelación de suscripción

    — by Yadira on Jun 29 2021

  • Estoy tratando de llamar y no logro conseguir el numero llamo a diferentes partes

    — by Lus M Hernandez on Jun 28 2021

  • Please cancel a subscription under my name. started yesterday through PrimeTime Video Unfortunately my internet service is very unreliable and also because of geographic restrictions I won't be able to enjoy your service. Thanks.

    — by Antonio M Ramirez on Jun 25 2021

  • Quiero cancelar la succricion me están cobrando dos vese

    — by Alex on Jun 23 2021

  • Me están cobrando dos vese y quiero cancelar la succricion ok gracias

    — by Alex on Jun 23 2021

  • Me gustaría resunudar e l servicio en mi 📺

    — by Lorena Acosta on Jun 22 2021

  • Quiero cancelar Pantaya me podrían dar de baja porfavor y gracias

    — by Elizabeth nunez on Jun 19 2021

  • Quiero cancelar la suscripción

    — by Rosaura on Jun 18 2021

  • I need support help

    — by Carlos Rodriguez on Jun 14 2021

  • Me están cobrando 2 veces de mi tarjeta de banco

    — by Sabino Garcia fuentes on Jun 13 2021

  • Me están cobrando algo que no pedí y no se vale por qué yo nunca hice ningún pedido por favor necesito me reembolcen el dinero

    — by Ana Rosa Vásquez on Jun 12 2021

  • I paid 3 dollars for the free trail and it doesnt let me watch anything

    — by Josefina Geronimo on Jun 10 2021

  • I don’t want the service I don’t like and I want my money back I don’t like you take my money with the asking

    — by Rocio Munoz on Jun 10 2021

  • I registed PANTAYA two weeks ago or so and I still can not log in..... when I enter my e-mail and password,,,,,it stays thinking and nothing happens .
    Me registre en PANTAYA hace dos semanas y tosavia no puedo ingresar!!!! cuando entro mi correo electronico y la contrasena,,, solo se queda pensando y verificando!!! a ver si alguien pude ayudar???

    — by John Munoz on Jun 09 2021

  • I registed PANTAYA two weeks ago or so and I still can not log in..... when I enter my e-mail and password,,,,,it stays thinking and nothing happens .

    — by John Munoz on Jun 09 2021

  • I paid the 1 for the 1 a month for 3 months but I think my email is not working last 4 of my card is 9639 help me please email is [email protected]

    — by Wanda Rosado on Jun 02 2021

  • I have been charged for the past several months for something that I don't have. Please refund my account ASAP.

    — by Suzanna on Jun 01 2021

  • My account saying it’s the wrong email.

    — by Nelson cruz on Jun 01 2021

  • I would like to download the Pantaya app in another one of my TVs but I can’t because I don’t remember my password and when i try to reset my password you guys are not sending me the link to be able to change it.

    — by Miguel Rodriguez on May 31 2021

  • No puedo ver una serie y yo pago cada mes mi subscripcion

    — by Sandra Izquierdo on May 31 2021

  • Refund

    — by Nelly Castro on May 29 2021

  • I signed up for the 7 day free trial and I was immediately charged the I want a refund...

    — by Janett on May 28 2021

  • I'm having trouble resetting my password the system tells me its going to send me an email but i never receive it

    — by Karene on May 28 2021


    — by MAGNOLIA AGUILAR on May 27 2021

  • No puedo ver series en la tv y tengo Pantaya

    — by Alejandra martinez on May 27 2021

  • I have an account billing my card for months already and I don’t even have an account so I want to see if how i can cancel it and get a refund of the money that has been charged off my card I can send proof if need any

    — by Gio Gonsalez on May 26 2021

  • Trying to log in and it’s says my email is not correct but they are already billing me can you please contact me at 832-630-0419

    — by salvador on May 24 2021

  • I get subscriber 3 dollar for 3 month by Facebook always wen open the pantaya say I need message need renewed if not I want to cancel my subscription

    — by Ida on May 22 2021

  • I signed ip for free trisl and immediately was deducted $49.99 from my bank account

    — by Leticia Palos on May 21 2021

  • I need to log in to my account

    — by Daniel Gomez on May 20 2021

  • Necesito hacer el log in y no me lo acepta,, no reconoce mi email o password

    — by Daniel Gomez on May 20 2021

  • You overcharged me i need my refund

    — by Lizbeth on May 19 2021

  • Cancelar esta suscripción por favor no la necesito

    — by Carlos Martinez on May 19 2021

  • I canceled the service two months ago and you still taking monthly payments out of my debit card and I need you to stop

    — by LIBBET RODRIGUEZ on May 15 2021

  • Cancel my subscription

    — by Pilarcruz on May 09 2021

  • I forgot my password and I out there that i forgot my password and it says they had send me an email to change it but I haven’t received the email

    — by Ariana on May 02 2021

  • I cancel my subscription, 3 months ago and I just notice you guys keep charging me , whyyy?? I need it cancel please

    — by Maria Beaumia on May 01 2021

  • I apply my free week and you guys charge me. I need my refund

    — by Fransheska Marie Serrano on Apr 17 2021

  • Yo cancele ase 2años u me diguen cobrando q devo hacer para q dejen de cobrar

    — by eliseo Gomez on Apr 15 2021

  • No puede funcionar mi correo electrónico y mi contraseña en mí celular para abrir pantaya y ver la programación, me marca que mi correo electrónico y mi contraseña no coinciden, en cambio en mi aparato de roku conectado al televisor funciona al 100 por ciento, con el mismo correo electrónico y la misma contraseña, quisiera habrir la aplicación en mi celular, me podrían ayudar por favor, gracias.

    — by Jose castillo on Apr 15 2021

  • I wanna cancel this.

    — by Armando bautista on Apr 10 2021

  • Que paso con mi suscribcion

    — by Alejandro Aranda on Apr 10 2021

  • Hola buenos días compañía de PANTAYA solamente les pido que por favor me regresen mi DINERO yo tengo como 8 meses que cancele el servio y me están cobrando todavía no es justo solamente quiero que me regresen mi DINERO por favor $49.99 Dólares por favor me puedes contactar al Teléfono 3012662894 o a mi correo electrónico ; [email protected] Gracias por su comprensión solamente les pido que sean consciente si yo no huso su servicio de pantaya que dios los bendiga Espero su respuesta gracias

    — by Hugo Jimenez on Apr 05 2021

  • Me cobraron doble pago según era para un año me quitaron de mi tarjeta 49 dollar

    — by Raul Garcia on Apr 02 2021

  • Me cobraron doble pago según era para un año

    — by Raul Garcia on Apr 02 2021

  • Ase un par de meses ise un pago de 50 dollar me dijeron que era por un año y de nuevo me lo cobraron

    — by Raul Garcia on Apr 02 2021

  • I need to cansel my account i been trying to open my app to wash movies and i cant because i dont remember my pass word , i been trying to reset it and is not letting me

    — by Rosa on Mar 31 2021

  • Ya tengo varias semana que la app esta fallando cuando pongo alguna película o serie lo único que hace es estar dando buenas el sirculo para esperar que pueda ver y no es mi Internet ni mi colección ya que lo ago con las demás app como Netflix, hulu, Disney+, y trabajan a la perfección si está situación sigue pediré que mi suscripción sea cancelada espero que puedan solucionar esta situación gracias por su pronta respuesta

    — by Ismael on Mar 29 2021

  • I want the screen to be returned to me. my money never subscribes me in pantaya. I have been charging from 12/9/2020 until 24/3/2021 on my card .banck of America cards. 4049 . Pantaya screen has been charging me without my permission. $ 3.00 $ 5.99. I want my money back.from 9/12/2020 too3/24/2021 .

    — by Idalia milla on Mar 25 2021

  • Deseo cancelar la cuenta ya que la programación es lo mismo y tiene mucho contenido sexual

    — by Katherine Rosario on Mar 25 2021

  • Quiero cancelar mi servicio ya me lo cobraron 3 veces Esta al nimbre de mi esposo miguel arjon y quiero que me regresen mi dinero por favor me cobraron 1 dll dos veces y la tercera ves 6dlls

    — by Lorena on Mar 24 2021


    — by Monica Sanchez on Mar 21 2021

  • I want to cancel my subscription.

    — by Jessica Hernandez on Mar 18 2021

  • Necesito hablar sobre mi cancelación

    — by Tatiana Mejia on Mar 18 2021

  • I have Pantaya through comcast, do I need to make an account on your website or app?

    — by Elizabeth Ledesma on Mar 17 2021

  • I have been charged twice for the yearly subscription and also the monthly one I want all of my money back, i would not like service with Pantaya again.

    — by Yvonne on Mar 15 2021

  • Necesito ayuda con mi contraseña para poder ver Pantaya en mi otra televisión por favor

    — by Casimiro Hernández on Mar 10 2021

  • I just need to cancel my subscription and I’m having problems if you could do it for me that would be great, thanks.

    — by Luis a guilt on Mar 10 2021

  • I need to cancel the subscription

    — by Alma Alanis on Mar 09 2021

  • I'm having problem signing in to my pantaya account. i have address from the last time my account or it can also be my password. Please contact me ASAP

    — by Manuel Ayala on Mar 08 2021

  • I'm having problem signing in to my pantaya account. i have address from the last time my account or it can also be my password. Please contact me ASAP

    — by Manuel Ayala on Mar 08 2021

  • I canceled my subscription and I’m still being charged.... Cancel subscription Now!

    — by Alma on Mar 07 2021

  • Hello around December 26th there was a couple subscriptions of Pantaya and was wanting more information about that, if possible. Like what movie/shows were watched or purchased. Or what device was used, any information that will help me know who watched it or subscribed. It’s under my name and was thru Amazon prime. I asked them too but couldn’t give me more information but the pantaya and date. [email protected]
    720-447-9410 Fernando Ramirez

    Thank you

    — by Fernando Ramirez on Mar 02 2021

  • Quiero cancelar mi suscripción por favor

    — by Edgar Villatoro on Feb 25 2021

  • My movies keep freezing when I stream Pantaya it’s very frustrating please fix this problem

    — by Roxana Lujano on Feb 22 2021

  • Problemas para abrir cuenta

    — by Iris m Sandoval colon on Feb 18 2021

  • Pague el servicio por un año y no tengo servicio no tienen ni un número para servicio al cliente

    — by Juan Ramirez on Feb 17 2021

  • Yo por error hice la suscripción anual y yo quería la mensual, ya me cambiaron la suscripción pero no me devolvieron el dinero cuando me van a devolver el dinero

    — by Eli Rivera on Feb 16 2021

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