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Kum Neger | ቁም ነገር - Ethiopia & Eritrea Dating Features and Description

{Over 25,000 Ethiopian singles and Eritrean singles from around the world are on Kum Neger! Kum Neger is a privacy-focused dating app for habesha singles looking for serious relationships. Kum Neger is FREE to join and get daily matches! Join Kum Neger today and start something beautiful. Kum Neger is a habesha dating app for serious relationships and marriages: 🇪🇹🇪🇷 HABESHA SINGLES Meet Ethiopian and Eritrean singles currently looking for relationships. 🧡 DAILY MATCHES Everyday, you will receive quality matches selected just for you based on your preferences. 🔒 PRIVACY Your profile is only visible to people that are matched by the system. No one else can see your profile. Your privacy is a priority on Kum Neger. ⭐ CHAT AND FILTERS Like someone? Start chatting. Advanced filters help you get matched with your kind of habesha. ወላጆቻችን ሲመርቁ ለቁም ነገር ያብቃችሁ ይላሉ። ለቁም ነገር ደሞ መተዋወቅ ያስፈልጋል። ቁም ነገር serious የሆነ relationship የሚፈልጉ ሀበሻዎችን ከሚመጥናቸው አቻዎች ጋር በቀላሉ የሚያስተዋውቅ dating app ነው። ከእኛ ለእኛ ባህላችንን እና ጨዋነታችንን እንደጠበቀ የተሰራ። ወለድና ክምሩቁ ኣብ ቁምነገር ይብጽሕኻ ይብሉ። ንቁምነገር ድማ ምልላይ ይድል እዩ። እዚ ካብ ኮነ ወዲ ሃገርካ ብቀሊሉ ንምልላይ ትደሊ ዶ? ካባና ናባና ብባህልና ብትሕትናን እንዳ ሓለወ ዝሰርሕ እዩ። Maatiin keenya yeroo nu eebbisan, waan gaariif isin haa gayu nuun jedhu. Sirnaaf wal barruun ni barbaachisaa. Aadaa fi duudhaa keenya bu’uura gochuun nurraa ofii keenyaaf kan hojjetame. To see the Terms of Use and privacy policy of Kum Neger, visit

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Can I havey subscription switched from +14699719358 to +1(682) 785-1710. ? The former one was my old number and I can't continue my subscription on my new number

    — by Rex on Jul 12 2021

  • Kindly change my marital status from never married to other as I'm locked

    — by Zerfie Getahun on Jan 19 2021

  • A horrible and discouraging experience, as the app has far to go to meet the basics & necessities for a dating app.
    Terrible customer experience../left 2 urgent message on a pending approval account, and I yet have to hear back from a customer rep, if such thing actually exists with-in your company. I know fulfilling customer expectations per US standard is foreign to us, but if you are marketing your app to Ethio/Eritrean American population, you must step up up your game.
    Another suggestion, you cannot demand for people to put pictures right away, if you do as your poor business standard, you then owe it to individuals to be transparent and create the awareness in the beginning of the process, not surprise us in the middle of the process
    I was skeptical to begin with, and the trail just confirmed my doubts.

    — by Unknown on Nov 12 2020

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