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Why should I report an Issue with Jumbo?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of 2121 Atelier, Inc to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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About Jumbo

1. To date, we've reported 5M+ data leaks, detected 2M+ unsecured wifi networks, archived 70M+ social media posts and blocked 100M+ online trackers.

2. In fact, we engineered our product in such a way that all scanning and monitoring occurs right from your iPhone and the data is never stored on our servers.

3. Jumbo is committed to never collect your data nor share/sell it to third parties.

4. Since our launch in 2019, 1M+ users have trusted Jumbo to protect them online.

5. With Jumbo’s final release, users will be able to export their 2FA codes and view their archives from the app.

6. New York Times: "Tip of the Week: Jumbo Privacy App".

7. See our blog post at withjumbo. com for more information!

8. Washington Post: "It's my favorite app of the year".

9. FastCompany: “Most Innovative Security Companies of 2020".

Jumbo Customer Insights

1. (Samsung Fold)I love that the free version still seems to have so much functionality! As you click through it is not always up front which are paid features and which are free during set-up, which does not seem to match the up front transparency of the rest of the companies message, that being said it is easy to figure out and avoid the paid options, just pay attention.

2. Just a suggestion, make these more transparent they are laid features BEFORE we click on them, I think would improve transparency.So happy to see that such an app exists! Keep up the good work! In time however... It seems like your app is becoming more and more bloated and leș and less usable.

3. Otherwise, good app for people who don't exactly know how to control their privacy.The mission is great and the app is very good, but I desperately want more information about what each privacy protection option really does.

4. I hope they fix this soon because this is a terrible way to convince people to buy the pro version.Amazing app! Jumbo nearly automates my privacy/data tracking settings, which is great because I never would've thought to change them myself.

5. Accessing Amazon and trying to secure it proved to be a colossal failure, but I no longer need the app due to my privacy concerns being resolved.

6. I would not recommend this for anybody!Already irritated.... I am trying to connect it to Amazon, but for some reason it is registering the notifications to 2 other phones I haven't used in over 2 years... not sure why, but now it's stuck.

7. Consider turning this setting off so your search history isn't always saved." It's not clear to me which Google products are affected, if this prevents any search history at all or just limits the time it is saved, etc.

8. So I've just wasted a bunch of time adjusting my notification settings to things I didn't want, trying to fix it.

9. Allowing the app to cut down on data tracking and to change other settings has increased my battery life significantly.

10. Has a good amount of features for the important sites that deal with privacy issues.

11. I paid for the pro version and then tried to reach out to customer support, but it took them several days to get back with me and then they just made excuses.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix Jumbo Issues

1. Fix Jumbo Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart Jumbo: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the Jumbo App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "Jumbo" » Open Jumbo » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for Jumbo » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear Jumbo app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from Jumbo servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "Jumbo" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check Jumbo app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, Jumbo might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Jumbo. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall Jumbo then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing Jumbo not working

2. Fix Jumbo Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make Jumbo be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to Jumbo not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, Jumbo may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • A charge hit my account with no description added and I was unaware of where it was from. After a couple of days of processing, I was able to see it was from Jumbo. I would like to cancel my subscription and request a refund as I won’t be using the app in the capacity of which the subscription stands for. I didn’t know that the subscription applied automatically, as I did not receive a email indicating so or a reminder. Hopefully we could get this worked out.

    — by Tamara 1 year ago

  • They took $100 out of my account I don’t even use this app I never gave permission I tried it for one day! And they steel $100 from me I have proof in my bank account I want my money back please now it’s negative because of this worthless app.

    — by Krista Zieglmeier 2 years ago

  • I have tried to cancel my jumbo subscription plenty of times and it’s like this app is freakin cursed or something it will not let me cancel my subscription. This app just took 100 dollars from my account this is absurd. I need help canceling this subscription please, I could’ve used that money for something that’s worth it.

    — by Anayka 2 years ago

  • I downloaded this app June 25th 2021 I unsubscribed in the app itself because you can not unsubscribed through Apple store like other apps. I had it free for 7dys but like I said I unsubscribed the next day then today at 7pm jumbo privacy took out 160.86 which I’m very confused about being that the app charges $99 for a year and 149.99 year for family plan and 2.08 mth so why would you all take out 160.86 unauthorized and not subscribed to your app out of my account . I have email you all twice and I have made a complaint through Apple Pay and my bank foe an refund and I have screenshot showing I am not even subscribed to jumbo privacy so why is money being taken out of my account !!!

    — by Shelly 2 years ago

  • I need a full refund for the charges that your company made on my account.

    — by Barbara Monett 2 years ago

  • I was using my new iPhone. It is the first iPhone I have ever had. I tried a trial for Jumbo for 7 days. I had no idea that the app cost money. I cancelled but I had been charged $99! To make matters worse, it did not show up on my Apple account. I don’t know how that could happen, but Apple couldn’t help me because it didn’t show up anywhere. But I was charged $99 on my checking account. I have been on disability my whole life and now I live on my social security which isn’t much. Please refund the $99. It was a mistake because I wasn’t familiar with the new phone.

    — by Susan Cohn 2 years ago

  • A s soon as I found out this wasn't a free App I wanted to Cancel. Jumbo gave no indication this was a paid App. I could find no place on my iPhone to cancel. They said they would contact me in 5 days to see if I wanted to keep it. I received no such contact. This deceptive marketing method should be Banned. The outcome I want is to not be charged for something I don't want or need. Your help would be appreciated.

    — by David Alaimo 2 years ago

  • Please cancel my subscription, i never received your email saying i should cancel, i dont use it, im sorry if it ran over, please accept my apologies. Thank you kindly Jumbo.


    — by Bryan Schnell 2 years ago

  • I have paid for the “Pro” service this month but am not able to access the “tracker blocker” protection; for a couple of days now.

    — by David 2 years ago


    — by Assalaam Matthews 3 years ago

  • I was charged $99.99 from your app Jumbo Security & Privacy and it came out of my bank account siting Apple Pay. I spoke directly to a supervisor of Apple Pay and he told me I need to contact the App itself. I did not download this app nor want this app. If I do not receive a refund I have no other choice but to invoke my financial institute in filling a fraud claim.

    — by Holly Shinault 3 years ago