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Initiative Q Features and Description

{Now Initiative Q has an app! Install the app and log in today to reserve more Qs. Initiative Q is trying to solve the main problem with payment systems: there is great technology out there, but no one can get buyers and sellers to simultaneously migrate to a new network, leaving us with decades-old payment technologies like credit and debit cards. Initiative Q is creating a modern payment network that will aggregate the best technologies developed in recent years. This payment network will allow safe, fast, and low-cost transactions, using the Q, its own currency. We are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early). Sign up, install the app, reserve Qs, and share with others via the app. The Initiative Q system will be deployed after a critical mass of users sign up. At that point, the app will be updated with full payment functionality. Welcome to the future of payments! ====== Why there is no popular modern payment system today and how Initiative Q can solve this problem 1. Today's payment systems (payment cards, cash, wire transfers) are old and outdated, which means we’re all bearing unnecessary costs. 2. There are many advanced payment technologies and innovations waiting to be deployed. 3. So why don’t we already have newer, better systems? Because there’s a “chicken and egg” barrier — no buyer will join a new payment network with no sellers, and no seller will offer a new payment option that no buyer uses. 4. If someone built a modern payment system that implemented these technologies and somehow got buyers and sellers to adopt it, this system would quickly become popular. It could eventually end up seeing 20 trillion dollars in transactions per year. 5. Now imagine this system created a dedicated global currency. Let's call it Q. According to economic models, the value of all Qs would be several trillion dollars. 6. Initiative Q is reserving this Q currency for people who join today — the earlier you join the more Q you can reserve! 7. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. As millions join, advanced payment technologies are deployed, the payment system becomes even more popular, the Q currency becomes valuable, and rewards given to early users reach their potential value. GET STARTED: 1. Receive an invite from a friend and sign up online for free (requires only name and email). 2. Download the Q app. 3. Log into the app and reserve Qs. 4. Share with others to reserve additional Qs. 5. Make sure to verify friends you have invited. Anyone 18 and older can sign up for free online with an invite link.

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