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Published by Shenzhen Fujia Technology Co., Ltd.
Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Report an issue with OurPhoto.
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Why should I report an Issue with OurPhoto?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Shenzhen Fujia Technology Co., Ltd. to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

OurPhoto Features and Description

Take photo or short video instantly and upload it to your cloud photo frame to share the wonderful moments with your families, friends, lover. • Activate and Bind your cloud photo frame. • Share your photos and videos files on your phone directly. • View the action log from the message.

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Troubleshoot and Solve Common OurPhoto Issues

How to Fix OurPhoto Not Working, Crashes, has Errors, Is Unresponsive, has Black screen/White screen:

To resolve these issues with OurPhoto, we will start with troubleshooting the service itself and then account issues, then potential problems with your device. Let's get started:

  1. Check if OurPhoto is down for everyone and not just you: A good way to know if it's not working for everyone is to check Appcontacter OurPhoto user reports here >>. If other users are reporting that OurPhoto is down, you'll need to wait until OurPhoto itself fixes the issue.

  2. Clear OurPhoto app cache: Clearing cached data will force.....

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • We can no longer receive any additional photos

    — by Albert Grimmie 1 week ago

  • We can no longer receive any additional photos.

    — by Albert Grimmie 1 week ago

  • My app on an android won't accept binding from an apple phone

    — by Michael Yost 1 week ago

  • When I send photos to my frame I get error message that it cannot be delivered to the email address I am sending it to which is [email protected]

    — by Ralph Santos 2 weeks ago

  • When I send photos to my frame I get error message that it cannot be delivered to the email address I am sending it to which is [email protected]

    — by Ralph Santos 2 weeks ago

  • I am having trouble connecting ting to my photo frame

    — by Rachel Sochet 1 month ago

  • I am trying unsuccessfully to connect my tablet to my frame so I can send photos. It doesn't let me. How do I fix this?

    — by Rachel Sochet 1 month ago

  • I need help linking my ourphoto app to my sammix digital frame. My app says waiting fir confirmation the frame is acting like it's not connected

    — by Debbie Evans 1 month ago

  • forgot my password. So to reset my password, I need a verification code. The one that I have does not work

    — by jill spijkers 2 months ago

  • I keep getting the message, "Sorry, the frame ID you tried to bind do not exist. Please check with the frame owner to make sure you have the correct frame ID of his/her frame and resend the request." when I try to send photos to my family's frames.

    — by Katie 2 months ago

  • It doesn’t show pending users. Tried resetting account, frame, and powering off. Help please

    — by Sandy HILLMAN 3 months ago

  • I’m unable to make an account. Every time I submit all information, it says “unknown error.” I’ve tried re downloading app several times as well as restarting my phone.

    — by Lauren Smith 3 months ago

  • When I send pictures to frame says success but no pictures arrive

    — by Reed M Pertuit 3 months ago

  • I don’t enter in the app

    — by sergioyestela 3 months ago

  • I downloaded the app but it just keeps giving me an un known error when I try to create an account.. I want user name to be wagner2381 and password to be Vernille23

    — by Jennifer 3 months ago

  • I purchased a frame for my parents. Now I can't seem to get into my account on the app. When I request a confirmation code for resetting the password and enter it, the error message says "users email does not exist." The frame's name is BauerPics. Can you help me access my account?

    — by Jen Mendenhall 3 months ago

  • All our iphones have lost their Bindings have lost there connection to out photo frame ID DKNBSK.
    All attempt to re bind to the frame results in an "Un known error" we can no longer use the App to load photos to the frame.. Hope do we fix this problem?

    John McCool

    — by John McCool 3 months ago

  • I'm trying to log into the app and I keep getting an error message that says "Un known error". I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app, restarted both my phone and the frame and still get the error.

    — by Leanne Moses 3 months ago

  • I'm trying to log into the app and I keep getting an error message that says "Un known error"

    — by Elena Sanchez 4 months ago

  • I need to reset my account..
    So..I can link my new phone to my frame....

    — by Latrina Nickson 4 months ago

  • I am not able to reset my password on OurPhoto app. I have emailed support per booklet that came with frame ([email protected]). I have not received a response. It's been several months since I sent the email.

    — by Christy Little 5 months ago

  • I got a new phone and cannot log in. The option to enter a verification code can't be completed because there is no option to get it from anywhere.

    — by Tara Taylor 5 months ago

  • I forgot my password so tried to reset it but never was sent a verification code.

    — by Michelle Thaxton 5 months ago

  • I have purchased 2 frames as gifts and I just found out that I have been sending pictures for a couple of months and they aren't getting them. the 2 frames are (3D4HSA and XYK7SQ) can you please look into this?

    — by Lianne argeris 5 months ago

  • Under devices says waiting for confirmation. It's been over 12 hours.

    — by Patricia Ireland-Martin 5 months ago

  • Under devices says waiting for confirmation. It's been over 12 hours.

    — by Patricia Ireland-Martin 5 months ago

  • I tried to set up a username and password on the app through my IPhone following the rules and it kept giving me “in known error”

    — by Tammy Sawyer 5 months ago

  • I cannot log in because I forgot my password. I tried clicking the triangle next to my e-mail and it keeps ticking of numbers 52s, 52s, 50s, etc.

    — by Frank 6 months ago

  • I need a remote control for my digital photo frame. It was my Dads and when he passed away we couldn’t find the remote control.

    — by Frances Beckstrom 6 months ago

  • My daughter got our photo, I was connected and able to send photos, but somehow lost my connection and unable retrieve my password as well. I need help to reconnect.

    — by Patty L Austin 6 months ago

  • I got a new phone and it no longer sends photos. I’ve tried to reconnect but it doesn’t remember my password or email

    — by Kristen Cunnane 7 months ago

  • I updated the OurPhoto app and now I can't get back logged in because it never sends a verification code. Do I have to do something directly from the original frame? I have been sending photos to a frame for a couple years now and have never had this issue. Please help me get the account reset.

    — by Julie A Jantzer-Ward 7 months ago

  • The app is not allowing me to add a new user.

    — by Ashley Martello 7 months ago

  • Heya,

    Can you advise how to reset a password since I can't log in the app.

    (Reset password page has a verification code field but no idea how to get the code)

    — by Andras 7 months ago

  • I got a new phone now it wants me to sign in or create account with verification code don't know what to do I don't have a code

    — by Robin Charfauros 7 months ago

  • Please respond.
    I can only access photos in my Gallery and not my Google photos. How can I send pictures that are in Google photos to my Dragon Touch frame?
    Thank you.

    — by Dianne K Fritsch 7 months ago

  • Please respond.
    I can only access photos in my Gallery and not my Google photos. How can I send pictures that are in Google photos to my Dragon Touch frame?
    Thank you.

    — by Dianne K Fritsch 7 months ago

  • Can't Set up a new account. there isn't a triangle after email entry and no verification line to enter a code if I could even get one. Have uninstalled and installed various times

    — by Nancy Lafreniere 7 months ago

  • Cannot log in. App usually opens without logging in. When I click forgot password, it takes me to a screen asking for a verification code, No code has been sent to me,

    — by wayne 7 months ago

  • When I try to log 8n it says my password is incorrect. But when 8 tried to reset, there is no verification code. If 8 need one, you need to send it.

    — by Susan Palcic 8 months ago

  • How do i get to my '" email, to access it and get my verification code

    — by Tessa R Morris 8 months ago

  • I have bought 2 frames for my parents. I cannot log onto the app after uninstalling it to log back on and get photos sent

    — by Tessa R Morris 8 months ago

  • I forgot my password? Where do I find the verification code?

    — by Eveline Strobel 8 months ago

  • The our photo display doesn't show the whole photo on some pictures. It zooms in on a portion of the picture.

    The slide show doesn't always start automatically.

    — by Brad tracy 8 months ago

  • On my I phone I have the Our Photo app and appear to successfully send photos; however they don’t get received by the digital frame

    — by Brad Kimbrough 8 months ago

  • Can’t send and update new pictures.

    — by Cindy Burkett 8 months ago

  • Downloaded app but cannot make an account. After 14 different tries now i get error code 432. I do not understand why i cannot just enter my information and make an account

    — by Moe 9 months ago

  • I am having trouble signing in,

    — by Deborah Gault 9 months ago

  • I am unable to log into the Ourphoto app and when I try to reset password it doesn’t send me a verification code.

    — by Allyson Watkins 9 months ago

  • Having trouble sending photos to my device from phone. Can't sign in with out of date email to access my account. How do I recover??? HElp

    — by Nancy I Fornatora 9 months ago

  • Images not uploading to device. I see image upload history in the messages but not showing up on the frame. Can I resync some how to avoid having to upload all over again?

    — by Stacy 9 months ago

  • I can no longer send photos
    I only receive the “unknown error” message

    — by William James 10 months ago

  • i can’t bind with my phone:( it reads waiting for confirmation, but never confirms

    — by maree 10 months ago

  • Frame: FF3KS6, under [email protected] [email protected] I am able to send photos from App to Frams, however noone is able to send email with appached photo to the frame. I cannot tell if Frame is connected to the outside worls, or just this App. Want to use email up load cant get it to work. Sent email with subject line bdFF3KS6, cant tell if that did anything. Suggestions?

    — by Mike Foresta 10 months ago

  • I keep getting the “unknown error” message when I try to sign in. Previously when I was signed in I kept getting that error message anytime I tried to do anything.

    — by Mary Campbell 1 year ago

  • I accidentally deleted the email address it was bonded too, how can I fix this?

    — by Tracy Morris 1 year ago

  • My binding request was declined every time I try to add picture. What to do

    — by Lorna Scarborough 1 year ago

  • What does error code 432 mean? I have Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and get the same error.

    — by Jen Calder 1 year ago

  • Recieved unit already set up as a gift. Not able to get your system to give me Frame ID associated with my email or original user name so not able to add new devices.

    — by Paul Agidius 1 year ago

  • How do I resolve error 432

    — by Terri D Omdahl 1 year ago

  • my husband received a dragon touch photo frame as a gift. We are trying to download the app from the Google play store, but cannot get the screen that enables him to register the device. We keep getting a "no device" error. Please help. I have tried using both a Kindle 10 and a laptop. We do not have smartphones.

    — by KATHY FARRAR 1 year ago

  • When I try to bind my device it doesn't work -nothing shows up under devices

    — by Robert Vlahakis 1 year ago

  • Asking your help, please. I cannot bind my Frame (FJ98SW). All requests are declined - I think I need the email I used to set up the app. thank you

    — by Shannon Smith 1 year ago

  • I can not log in to my account. Please advise how to fix. My user name should be DickSocBike and my password should be SocBike6421** and my frame ID is XVL7SR.

    — by Dick Clark 1 year ago

  • I paid for cloud storage the price said 6:99 but I was charged 50 dollars I would like a refund.

    — by Christy 1 year ago

  • Unable to set up account. "un known error" every time I try.

    — by Sarah Mershon 1 year ago

  • Cannot bind frame FJ98SW

    — by Shannon Smith 1 year ago

  • Hello, my app keeps giving me a Time-Out Error when I try to delete my frame, add a new one, or send any pictures to the frame. I uninstalled the app and redownloaded it but the same error keeps popping up. How can I fix this?

    — by Emily 1 year ago

  • Failure while creating an account. User name, password (correct: 10 characters. starting and ending with a letter). Click the transmit button... nothing wil happen. sometimes there is short message "time out".
    please help!
    Thank you, Ernst G.

    — by Ernst 1 year ago

  • I’m trying to set up the app and unknown error comes after submitting to login. I can’t login

    — by Vicki Scherer 1 year ago

  • I am not able to create an account it keeps saying unknown error

    — by Crysta 1 year ago

  • I just got the dragon frame but when I try to register with the ourphoto app, it gives me unknown error and won’t let me register

    — by Brianna Lewis 1 year ago

  • I can't "sign up" for the app. Error code 432. This is a Christmas gift. Please help in a hurry!

    — by Stacy Stewart 1 year ago

  • I keep getting a 432 error trying to subscribe

    — by Andrea Pickel 1 year ago

  • Trying to set up ourphoto app. What are the passcode requirements???

    — by Dan 1 year ago

  • I can not get set up with user name & password to send photos to my Granddaughter’s frame that I bought her. PLEASE HELP

    — by Bonnie Tuttle 1 year ago

  • Hi. I don't seem to be able to create an account to log in in my name. I managed to set one up for my husband no problem. Any suggestions?

    — by Row Robinson 1 year ago

  • I cannot log in as a new user...I am getting password or ID error.

    — by Richard Quigley 1 year ago

  • The app won't let me set up anything. I can't get past the name, password, and email screen. It does nothing when I hit submit.

    — by Tammy Jo Fewins 1 year ago

  • I own a new frame Id 2FKJS4.
    I need register it and the app continously give the errors "timeout" or "http 504 Gateway time out".
    Telephone and frame are in the same wifi.
    Any help ???

    — by Miguel Angel Simoes 1 year ago

  • I’ve been unable to bind a device. Can you help? I sent an email twice.

    — by amy kohrman 1 year ago

  • Trying to get a frame working for a friend. Created an account username =davidtosi.
    frame ID 23GPSC. created an email address [email protected] I get the error below. Can you Help?

    Sorry, the frame ID you tried to bind do not exist. Please check with the frame owner to make sure you have the correct frame ID of his/her frame and resend the request.

    — by Alan Rowe 1 year ago

  • I have a yeehao picture frame that I bought in February. I have downloaded the ourphoto app and have uploaded pictures before. But recently I have tried to upload pictures, it says it is complete but it never shows up on my photo frame. I have less than 350 pictures on my frame. So at this point I'm very unhappy and not sure what to do.

    — by Charis 1 year ago

  • I need to reset my password but in order to do that it requires a ‘verify code’ which I don’t have. Are you able to send me that? My username is Tracy728 and email is [email protected]

    Thank you,

    — by Tracy Almquist 1 year ago

  • There is a problem with the app. It says Chain Validation Failed. Photos cannot be sent to the frame.

    — by Lauren Martin 1 year ago

  • I have had frame for 2 months now without a problem now all of a sudden my binded frame device just disappeared from the app. I have tried adding the device again and it says unknown error. It seems I am not the only one having this problem as I have read on your site. This is very frustrating as I was enjoying my son sharing pictures of my granddaughter. If this can not be fixed this frame is a waste of time. Bad buisness. Please tell me if this can be fixed

    — by Grace Williamson 1 year ago

  • I try to sign on to ourphoto app and I get the message chain validation failed.

    — by Tawny Collins 1 year ago

  • I’m currently unable to log in to my existing OurPhoto app account and none of my friends or family are able to create new accounts. Everything just keeps saying ‘Unknown Error.’ This makes our expensive Wi-Fi digital picture frame worthless. Can this be resolved?

    — by Travis Rodriguez 1 year ago

  • Keep getting chain validation fail errors on all 4 of my devices. Not happy about this considering I just took pix of my grandsons and can't get them on my frame

    — by Theresa Dean 1 year ago

  • When trying to 'Sign Up' on the app, message "Un known error" is constantly displayed

    — by Jean Vanes 1 year ago

  • Frame has been working fine until this morning when update it won’t send pic. It says it needs to have a device connected but when I go to reconnect it, it gives me an unknown error message. I have rebooted my phone and the frame and still does the same thing

    — by Maria Wainwright 1 year ago

  • I have your app, OurPhoto. I had created an account and have uploaded many pictures to 2 frames. My password is no longer working. I went to "forgot password". It has me put in a new password with my email. It then waits for me to input a "verify code". There is no code and the program does not send a code since I have not input one yet. How do I reset my password??

    — by Paul Bernstein 1 year ago

  • App is not working. I bought the dragontouch picture frame, and can’t make it past the sign up in the app. “Unknown error”, is the message I get when trying to sign up. Please help.

    — by Jamee Gaines 2 years ago

  • I have tried multiple times to bind my email to my frame, however it has repeatedly been declined.

    My frame ID is DU9RSP.

    My OurPhoto email is:
    [email protected]

    I'm sending the binding request from:
    [email protected]

    I've tried typing the following in the subject line with a blank message:



    — by Martha C Bailey 2 years ago

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