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Published by andy liu
Updated: Jun 21, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with HDlivecam?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of andy liu to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

HDlivecam Features and Description

HDlivecam is a cloud-connected smart camera viewing app, looking at the store anytime, anywhere, watching the store, watching the company, intelligent deployment, cloud recording, one-button arming smart wifi camera software. Suitable for remote care baby, care for family, care for pets, smart doorbell and other application scenarios. core function: [HD video] The picture is clearly enlarged and not blurred, and the video is smooth and continuous, so you won't miss any details. [Two-way voice] Call your family right away, no matter where you are. [Motion Detection] With the timeline, clearly mark abnormal events, so that you can see at a glance; [Profile] Built-in three modes: “away from home”, “at home” and “sleeping”. It is convenient and quick to configure the camera and sensor switch according to the scene. [Sharing the camera] Share it at any time, release it at any time, and control the rights, so that you can share the equipment with your family with peace of mind. [Picture Push] Push to see, let you know the change in the first time. [Video playback] SD card local storage and cloud storage coexist, double backup of video data is more secure. (Cloud storage needs to be purchased separately)

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • How do I recover deleted video that’s been less then 24 hrs ? I have now opt into the cloud service

    — by John 3 months ago

  • I have good internet connection, but the app keeps telling me that the camera is not connected to internet. Actually when I set up the camera using the same wifi network everything seems ok but If I want to use in remote way (on other network) it dos not connect. Why?

    — by sergio 3 months ago

  • Hi, I had camera all set up earlier in year no probs, I've just set up app, reset camera ect but the camera is showing on networks, camera intermittent red and green light. Nothing wrong with my phone or WiFi. Please advice as very urgently needed. Thank you

    — by Maxine 4 months ago

  • Sent log to my phone but it says I need a password to extract.... I never set a password so how do I access my log??

    Also where do I sign into my cloud

    — by [email protected] 4 months ago

  • hi
    how can I see my live ca, on my computer

    — by parviz 4 months ago

  • wont connect to router, goes to 90% and stops

    — by Gregory R Stone 5 months ago

  • It will not complete camera setup. Gets to 90% and stops

    — by Gregory R Stone 5 months ago

  • My HDlivecam keeps turning itself off and doesn't hold charge. I have it now plugged into power the whole time and it still turns itself off.

    — by Rich 5 months ago

  • I have great internet connection, but the app keeps telling me that it cannot connect to the internet. I had the router literally right next to my phone and the camera, still, it refuses to connect! Please help

    — by Amanda Williams 5 months ago

  • I bought the HDLivecam 5 days ago at AMAZON (UK) but it only worked perfectly for 4 days and stopped working. I tried resetting it several times using the RESET button but it still won’t work. It keeps having the RED light on.

    I also tried deleting the HDLivecam App and re-installing it, but this does not work at all. It worked very well for 4 days but suddenly stopped working and there’s a TED light on. Please help, as I really love my HDLivecam very much. A million thanks 🙏 in advance for the assistance you will give me.


    — by Arnie McIntyre 6 months ago

  • Zip file password

    — by Jennifer S DAVIS 6 months ago

  • Can’t recover videos or photos

    — by michael cartagena 6 months ago

  • Can't restore old footage when I Uninstaller app

    — by Michael miller 6 months ago

  • I cannot connect my camera to my app or get this to work

    — by April Sliker 7 months ago

  • How to get deleted videos

    — by Cory 7 months ago

  • When I connect camera to phone (wifi) I click to open camera and it just loads without opening camera. It shows black background and loading circle, never shows filming, like camera is not working. Please help..

    — by Karla 7 months ago

  • Hi

    I don’t seem to be able to enable notifications when my camera detects movement. I followed the instructions and the motion detection is enabled. But nothing happens

    — by Blanco 7 months ago

  • Hi I have problems with one of my cámaras the cloud no charge the image and said y temporary no work can you help me with this problem

    — by Edgar 8 months ago

  • I have a hdlive cam. I have downloaded from the sd card no problem. Not when I try it’s asking me to subscribe to your cloud. Why the change?

    — by Andy 8 months ago

  • How to share camera with family members ?

    — by Alex Tan 8 months ago

  • Device getting very hot, worries of caught fire.

    — by Alex Tan 8 months ago

  • When I get to step 6 of the set up ("return to APP to watch the video..."), nothing happens but it says camera is offline. When I go back, it says camera is connected. How do I move on from here?

    — by Peter Trepte 9 months ago

  • My account was deactivated and I need access back to my account and recordings. Please email me.

    — by Chaz Ladner 9 months ago

  • Use email says invalid go to make new account says email already registered so either your program is inop or your camera is garbage would like to sign in but cant

    — by Carlton Hamilton 9 months ago

  • I accidentally deleted my account and would like to regain access to all of my content that I had downloaded the cloud provided with the app. What should I do to reactivate my account and retrieve my lost content? I did not want to deactivate or cancel my account but I can no longer login. Please help.

    — by Chaz Ladner 9 months ago

  • Please contact me back

    — by Krystal 9 months ago

  • It seems impossible to connect the camera to WiFi. I am following the steps in the precise order they are instructed, however after starting the final step of ‘set up wifi’ and inserting my wifi password it loads up to 90% and then message ‘connection failed’ appeared.
    I have ensured my camera is connected to power, both phone and camera are very close to router and the password is correct.
    Could you please advise on how to handle the matter? Otherwise the camera is rendered rather useless.

    — by Marina 10 months ago

  • when I try to scroll though the recorded video on my sd card it always skips an hour forward automaticly now I cant download the content anymore.

    — by Cedric Mertens 10 months ago

  • Since I contacted you cloud worked it's stopped working again motions detect not working as well

    Yusuf Ali

    — by Yusuf Ali 10 months ago

  • Cloud is not working with camera

    — by Yusuf Ali 10 months ago

  • Problem is when i download it is password protected. How do I unzip this file?

    — by Kenneth G. Bracey 11 months ago

  • I can't play the videos that a record in my local video album

    — by Eduardo Heredia 11 months ago

  • Hi just purchased power bank spy camera and down loaded your software as recommended. Can not register the camera. On iphone 13 gets as far as connecting to local hot spot network but can not disconnect as it’s still seems to be making a connection… round rotating disk in centre of the screen is still rotating.

    Used a iPad and gets to the same point but disconnecting get back to starting screen and no device shown

    — by Donald 11 months ago

  • My camera works properly before. Later it stop detecting camera feed but it connect to the application.

    — by Shubi 1 year ago

  • Hello how do.i unbind my camera it won't let me connect

    — by Manny 1 year ago

  • I set up my smart charger camera and it works fine except it doesn’t work in the dark. If I turn the light on it’s fine. What do I do to fix this issue? Thank you

    — by Anthony Chase 1 year ago

  • my camera does not reset and does not show wifi network

    — by andres 1 year ago

  • Hi. I don’t have any more my previous phone and the account I’ve used.

    I try on my new phone to bound my cam to my new account on HDlivecam but I get the error I have to unbound my cam first.

    I don’t find a way how to do it. Can you help with this?

    The serial number of the cam was 12000101802ba35a

    — by Van Damme Angelo 1 year ago

  • Hello Andy thanks for the help with my other problems ! My new problem is when i download it is password protected I tried the password for the Hdlivecam I registered with and it says wrong password what password is the zip file looking for?
    Thanks for the quick response!

    — by Jim Hamilton 1 year ago

  • Have a frequent issue with camera connectivity, I am tired of resetting, need the camera when I am not at home but have to be at home to reset the camera. more important is that the sound is distorted and could not understand the conversation. Please advise.

    — by Ram Pradhan 1 year ago

  • Hi. How to delete from cloud?

    — by Ohad 1 year ago

  • Hello, My question is If I'm at work and someone sets off the motion detector at my home will I get a alarm notification on my cellphone at work or do i need to be on the same wifi as the camera?

    — by Jim Hamilton 1 year ago

  • I was using the app last without any problem but when I woke up this morning all my cameras disapeared. What happened?

    — by Marc Jerome Hernandez 1 year ago

  • Hello I'm having issues with motion detection it doesn't alert me remotely

    — by Jim Hamilton 1 year ago

  • How do I setup to record continuously?

    — by Jim Hamilton 1 year ago

  • i ve bought 2 spy cams 008 charger ip cameras
    i connected then through wifi and then they disappeared from the app
    the message
    "the camera is bound if you want to add this camera you must unbind first"
    appears and i dont know what to do
    thanks in advance
    nikolaos vakalis

    — by nikolaos vakalis 1 year ago

  • I have a question about my account I would like to retro activate my cloud so I can get August and September I see videos in my history but I can’t play them or download them but I need to get them I have the prime account now but if I pay for two more months can I have it for August and September the already passed so I can retrieve those videos it’s very important that I get them I didn’t know about the cloud until the week after the videos that I needed please let me know if you’re even getting this email

    — by Daniel 1 year ago

  • If I pay for it can I retro activate my cloud so I get the whole month of September instead of half the month because I still have videos in my history that I can’t watch but if I have it on the cloud which it looks like and I have access I’ll be able to watch them and download them is this possible I already have a prime account for the cloud. I would like to get the end of August in the whole month of September please let me know

    — by Daniel 1 year ago

  • My setup isn’t working, I click on the hotspot to connect my camera and it just loads and loads forever, never actually connecting.

    — by William 1 year ago

  • How do I download past history without an SD card. It is on the camera I can see the videos but I can’t play them or extract them how do I go about doing that or do I have to have that you send them to me because they’re on my account?

    — by Daniel 1 year ago

  • camera not working as careXXXXX wifi not coming in the wifi list

    — by dave 1 year ago

  • I have footage on my SD card that I’m not able to extract or watch it’s from a week ago the little sundial just spins and spins and it loads and loads but it never lets me play it it shows that it’s there but it won’t play. What do I do about this? Also I signed up for the iCloud for a three month premium package they charged me $68 when it said $23 on the advertisement so I got triple charged I’m going to need a refund or stop payment or be charged only 23 for the three months like it was described on your advertise. Thank u

    — by Daniel 1 year ago

  • If im not at the house how i can check its not letme see the camara if im noy home

    — by Yazohara Espinoza 1 year ago

  • When I try to hook up the camera it gets to 90% then won't hook up is your app the problem I have never had this problem before

    — by Christopher Green 1 year ago

  • I cant add my camera back to the app because it says it needs to be unbound. Please unbound it.

    — by Tracy Holland 1 year ago

  • Motion detection is working but no event logs can be seen like before, and cloud services has not been working for the past 24 hrs as such no video recorded, plse look into it. thxs

    — by aloysius 1 year ago

  • I just purchased a subscription twice but it’s still not enabled wine won’t allow me to download my video from the cloud

    — by Matt Mallett 1 year ago

  • My adapter is getting so hot that I'm afraid it will start a fire. Anybody else with this issue?

    — by Stephanie Pipero-Henderson 1 year ago

  • My cam had an issue and I removed and reinstalled. I lost my cloud, can I get that added back into my account

    — by Eric 1 year ago

  • The spy camera is not connecting to my wifi ,in the connecting to camera Screen it only goes to 90% and the app closes

    — by Arthur 1 year ago

  • I can not get this hdliveapp to update or install on any device I own

    — by Katie Kenneway 1 year ago

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