Published by FunShooting Horror Games on Apr 17, 2023

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About Granny Sim: Baby Granny 3D

1. This crazy idea is very funny but very dangerous, so you will have to use all your weapons and skills to be able to escape the situation victoriously. - You can do everything you want, like break the couch, jump on the beds, enter through the window, break the neighbor's car, drink some milk in the kitchen, all the crazy things you can imagine. - You are a very agile young man with superhuman strength, you can hit with your feet or hands and kick soccer balls against your neighbors, the bad grandpa and grandmother. - The levels are colorful and varied, you can play in a playground, in the house of the evil grandmother, in the mansion of the crazy grandpa, in a private gym club and even a supermarket. - The enemies are also many and you can fight against the clerk of a grocery store or even the police!

2. If you have continued reading you will have realized that this crazy grandparents house robbery game is very crazy and fun so if you have a bad day you can laugh a lot playing to escape from the granny and the evil grandpa.

3. But don't forget about the evil grandparents in the neighborhood. - You can throw objects and pick up knives, grandparents will use sprays against you, frying pans, electric tasers, hammers and all kinds of crazy weapons to stop you.

4. It's fun and satisfying to be able to be that small and jump all over the crazy granny's house without losing energy while grandma tries to kick you out of her property.

5. If your dream is to become rich and you have tried everything, then play this game of grandmother and neighbors with money and rob their houses.

6. Welcome everyone to this intense action adventure game where a grandma and a grandpa will try to catch you because you broke into their house without permission!

7. From time to time you will find a lot of money on the ground, you must collect it all in order to complete the missions and to get rich because you are a bit greedy.

8. The best way for the grandparents to stay still is to make them go around their houses and thus distract them while you take all the money from their hiding places.

9. In the end you will manage to rob grandma and grandpa and they will run out of money and you will have all the things you wanted to buy.

10. One day you decided to get easy money but you don't have a job because you are very young so you decided to go to the neighbors' houses to get some.

11. Use your intelligence and ambush the crazy neighbors so that they fall down on the ground.

Granny Sim Customer Insights

1. This is the funniest game ever it can't get any better unless the graphics were so real you couldn't tell if it was real life or not make places to hide.It is so weird but fun I give it 10 out of 10 this game is so good Thank you for making everyone this game I hope you make I hope you make more horror gamesAll this game is so good that I like it and I just found it and it was my childhood favorite gamePlease remove the adds or else take this game off the app store! There's a much better game called Granny and this game is playable with airplane mode on.

2. I give it 4 stars because it has so many ads and I am an old player it is so updated and the bad thing is online but it was first offline I think it should be offlineTo many ADDS!!!!I got 6 Adds in a row, the graphics sucks and it won't let me throw the bottles.This app is really good I have been playing for a couple years but then I saw the app gone from the play store but today I saw it in the play store 5 starsFive because it's hilarious and it's fun and the maps are funThis game is fun, but there are endless amount of ads.

3. Please fix this issue, I'm tired of getting nuked with endless amount of ads.Awesome real funny this is a great game idk how this could be so bad it's in the top 3 of the best games I've ever played and it's one of my favorites.

4. This means no messages that say, "activate internet"! This game should be playable with airplane mode on!Not good at all because way too many ads.

5. This is by far, the worst game I've ever seen or played.

6. You get a reward every second! What did you get? You guessed it, an ad! If you reduce ads or maybe fix them, I'll rate it 5 stars.

7. I'm already mad at games with an ad in the beginning and end.

8. But it's like four ads or MORE at beginning and end.

9. Also it's the same thing over and over.

10. Make it a little more challenging.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix Granny Sim Issues

1. Fix Granny Sim Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart Granny Sim: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the Granny Sim App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "Granny Sim" » Open Granny Sim: Baby Granny 3D » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for Granny Sim » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear Granny Sim: Baby Granny 3D app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from Granny Sim servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "Granny Sim: Baby Granny 3D" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check Granny Sim app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, Granny Sim might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Granny Sim. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall Granny Sim then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing Granny Sim not working

2. Fix Granny Sim Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make Granny Sim be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to Granny Sim not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, Granny Sim may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

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