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FortuneScope: live palm reader and fortune teller Features and Description

{Live future reading based on the hand scan. Love horoscope, finance and business, health horoscope by professional palm readers. Individual future horoscope 2020. Yearly, weekly and daily forecast. PALM READER Hand reading or palmistry is the most realiable way to predict future. Experienced palm readers read hand lines and based on them, they can make daily horoscopes or annual horoscope and fortune telling. Let our palm reading app read hands with a scan and you’ll get proven results in just a few minutes. Get all benefits from our live palm reader, the most realible future teller! How so? Every palm is individual so with the palm reading app you get personalized results. ZODIAC READING Zodiac horoscope helps discover what stars hold for you. Our astrology app creates daily horoscope, weekly and annual horoscope for all zodiac signs - aries horoscope, scorpio horoscope, gemini horoscope, virgo horoscope and many more. Want to get your horoscope today? Based on the location of the sun, stars and planets, a personal fortune teller will make accurate future predictions for your zodiac sign. DAILY FUTURE TELLER for LOVE, FINANCE, BUSINESS, HEALTH Future horoscope for all life areas. Our fortune teller app creates personal daily forecast: love horoscope, health horoscope, sex horoscope, finance horoscopes and business horoscopes. - daily love horoscope - single horoscopes and couples horoscopes - love compatibility horoscopes: compatibility check - zodiac compatibility (compatibility test for zodiac signs) - sexual compatibility - name compatibility - numerology horoscope: numerology calculator predicts the luckiest days for finance and business activities, potential days to meet soulmate, buy a car or house, make deals. - health horoscope: when to take care of your health - finance horoscopes: best time to attract money - business horoscopes: best time for business affairs Astrology palm reading app for all zodiac signs! Read daily horoscope for: ♈- Aries horoscope ♉- Taurus horoscope ♊- Gemini horoscope ♋- Cancer horoscope ♌- Leo horoscope ♍- Virgo horoscope ♎- Libra horoscope ♏- Scorpio horoscope ♐- Sagittarius horoscope ♑- Capricorn horoscope ♒- Aquarius horoscope ♓- Pisces horoscope MAYAN CALENDAR (MAYAN ASTROLOGY APP) + DRUID ASTROLOGY APP Mayan calendar lets you learn your Mayan sign and and see what the ancients had to say about your traits. Druid horoscope is for those who are intrigued by fortune telling and mystical powers. Why FortuneScope? Future reading and fortune telling comes in many ways - palm reader who read hands; zodiac reading with daily zodiac horoscopes; tarot reader with daily tarot card reading; numerology horoscopes. Live palm reader has proven its accuracy. Palm reading is made with a special hand scan that read hand lines. Them our palm scanner analyze the info and send it to our fortune teller and palm reader expert who creates astrology palm predictions and makes future reading. Hand reading, or palmistry, is an accurate way to create your love horoscope or health horoscope based on hand lines. In our app you can get free palm reading or get a daily reader and receive palm reading predictions every day. If you prefer astrology future telling and zodiac reading, you can get daily forecast for all horoscope zodiac signs in our fortune teller app. Together with daily horoscopes (or annual horoscope 2020, etc. if you choose) you can all check horoscope compatibility and love compatibility, and discover what the future will bring in all areas of your life. This is what health horoscope, finance and business horoscopes are for. We’re constanly working on improving our service. More palm readers join our fortune telling team daily and hand reading has become our main specialization.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Fortune scope stole over 53$ from me

    — by Kimberly Doran on Apr 14 2021

  • I would like a refund. I didn't subscribe to your service and was trying to cancel it and my card was still charged. 53.23 off the card ending in 6599, came out today. please help me with this request. I have bills to pay with that money.

    — by Laterea Kandel on Apr 05 2021

  • I have no clue what this app is or why i am being billed $49.99 but i think it was an accidental purchace my niece made while using my phone . My bank declined the transaction but can you removeme from being charged now and in the future and if there wss a subscription plz cancel it thank you. It looks like it was ordered through my business paypal account. [email protected]edacted via google play

    — by Keith on Apr 05 2021

  • Hello I accidently purchased this and I need a refund please

    — by Deanna marie Bachelder on Feb 10 2021

  • Please unsubscribe from this app my daughter downloaded it and she didn't know what it was until it was too late

    — by Laila Nicole McCain on Feb 03 2021

  • Hello, my daughter purchased this app Fortune Scope (GPA.3383-6836-1791-04331..0) without permission. I have contacted Google for a refund and was redirected to you. The charge went through on 1/29/2021 and today (1/31/2021) I am requesting the refund. I have cancelled the subscription and deleted my credit card information from her account to prevent this from occurring again.
    Thank you,
    Tara Hendry-Hofer

    — by T HH on Jan 31 2021

  • Respond asap or I will send this to authorities

    — by Jessica Craig on Jan 15 2021

  • I need to cancel and get a refund 50 dollars a week is ridiculous. I would like a double refund because this account was cancelled.

    — by Jessica Craig on Jan 12 2021

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