contact Dating app for LGBT, Bisexual & Bi-curious Singles

Contact Dating app for LGBT, Bisexual & Bi-curious Singles

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Dating app for LGBT, Bisexual & Bi-curious Singles Features and Description

{BiFun is a chatting and dating app for LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender community people. LGBT is the initial for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. This term used to refer to their whole community. If a woman is sexually attracted to a woman is known as a lesbian. In the case of a male, it is called gay. If an individual is attracted towards both male and female, they are termed as bisexual. Transgender is the term for the persons whose sexual identity differs from the assigned sex they were born. If someone changes their sex intentionally by medical assistance is known as transsexual. There was a time when the people of the LGBT community were treated awfully by society. But nowadays, people have been started to accept and give respect to them. However, the people of the LGBT community have to face lots of difficulties when they think of dating as they are minor in the society. To solve their problems, we have launched a new app, BiFun. This is a chatting and dating app that will help them to find the perfect match. The dating problems faced by LGBT individuals Cheating is a widespread problem in any relationship. However, in the case of LGBT community members face some unique issues when it comes to dating. Here are some problems faced by them: 1. LGBT community is not so big. It is very hard in a dating app to find someone like them in millions of straight people. It is one of the biggest problems they have to face. 2. Generally, straight people don't have to ask if the person he/she is dating is straight or not. They just consider that the person of the opposite sex is straight. But in case of LGBT person, they have to ask if the person is also a member of the LGBT community or not. It is a challenge for them if they start to find someone for dating. 3. Often straight people get mad if a LGBT person asks them if they belong to the LGBT community. They lose their temper, and they tell something which might hurt the LGBT person's feelings. Next time they won't dare to ask someone about their sexual identity. BiFun app is solely made for the members of the LGBT community to give them comfort in dating. This app will help them to find their life partners. Expectations from BiFun app We have come with a solution for LGBT people when they think of dating. BiFun app will help them to find their perfect match. There they won't face any problems that they had to face in other dating apps. Let's know more about the app. 1. This app will allow the LGBT persons to account in it at free of cost. There will be other members of the LGBT community. In this way, we have created an LGBT community in the app, where you will be able to easily find your soulmate without facing any problems. 2. This app is specially developed for lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgenders. Here, they will get your freedom, and you will be your true self while searching for their dating partners. They will feel proud of their sexual identity. As the majority will be LGBT people, they don't have to ask their partners if they belong to LGBT. 3. This app will try to provide them with the partners as per their preferences. 4. BiFun app provides a platform to the LGBT people to explore, meet and talk to new people of their kind. This app will help them to figure out what their preferences are and finally find their life partners. BiFun app respects them as well as their privacy. Their data will be confidential, and we assure them a safe LGBT dating experience in this app. If you are a member of the LGBT community, we have come with your dating solution. If you are straight people and know any LGBT people suffering from dating problems, let them know about this app. This app will help them find their soulmate. Just try the app once, and you will find it useful.

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