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Why should I report an Issue with KashKick?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Besitos Corporation LLC to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

KashKick Features and Description

KashKIck - Earn cash back for shopping online, taking surveys, playing games, and more! KashKick is a free app that rewards members for various activities including shopping online at your favorite stores, taking surveys and polls, and playing games. Surveys are available in a variety of genres including entertainment, health, political, consumer goods, and more! Enable location tracking for even more targeted paid surveys and paid ads from companies willing to reward you for your time in viewing them. Also, earn when you refer your friends- become an Influencer for KashKick! Redeem your earnings via PayPal with a balance as low as $10, which you can earn in one day. Fast withdrawals available also!

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I am doing surveys and it tells me I have been suspended from doing them why

    — by Katherine Christian 1 week ago

  • Earned 25 dollars for playing redecor and it shows that i earned it but still has yet to actually deposit the money into my account so that I can withdraw it. I would like the money I earned.

    — by Brandi fye 1 week ago

  • I downloaded board King and I reached and passed level 25 and I haven't even received the 40 dollars this is unacceptable

    — by Aprih King 2 weeks ago

  • I would be very grateful for your help.

    When I try to enter your Kashkick site I get a 1020 error. The RAY ID is 766f298bcd178e06

    I would very much like to be able to log in to your site and participate.

    Best regards.

    — by Salvador 2 weeks ago

  • Hello I got to level 40 in 2 days I haven't yet to see my $40 I'm supposed to get this is unacceptable I waste my time and money on a app to complete a task and not get award

    — by Antonio Gardner 3 weeks ago

  • I used Kash Kick to enroll in Acorn, but have never been paid!

    — by Ramona Anders 3 weeks ago

  • How come my payment t didn't go through

    — by Isaac W EARLY 3 weeks ago

  • I completed an offer for BoardKing but I didn’t receive my $40

    — by Aleya Threadgill 4 weeks ago

  • Where is my PayPal reward

    — by Beverly Johnson 4 weeks ago

  • That paypal is closed is that where funds went?

    — by Shanona Grove 4 weeks ago

  • I got to level 25 in board kings on my 5th day and it hasn’t paid me my $40

    — by Alisha Goodman 1 month ago

  • I have a few issues one I tried to open account using the email address that is associated with my PayPal account which I no longer have access to when I tried to sign in it wouldn’t allow me to so I registered with another email address of mine. I don’t want to be disqualified for doing this. Also I took a survey and it disqualified me and I don’t understand why

    — by Stacey Bartlett 1 month ago

  • I have been flagged on for fraudulent activity or having an ip outside us but it’s only bc my vpn keeps turning itself on and I did not realize this was an issue can u please unlock my account?

    — by Lorina April 1 month ago

  • I finished my offer to complete level 25 of board Kings within 7 days, and it said I will immediately receive my payout of $40, but I haven't been sent to yet. I even have a screenshot of me now being at level 26. It said that my reward started October the 18th, it is October 24th, so I'm definitely within a 7-Day period.

    — by David Washington 1 month ago

  • I completed the board games IOS task, where I finished level 25. It says my account was credited 0 dollars immediately, when the reward was supposed to be 40. Please credit my account for the 40 dollars as promised in the advertising of the task

    — by Tajay Nunes 1 month ago

  • I download board king leveled up to 25 within 7 days and didn’t get 40

    — by Brandon Wolfe 1 month ago

  • I completed a task through you guys for $40 to complete board Kings level 25 and have yet to show up in my account I need my money

    — by Andre Sneed 1 month ago

  • I did the chime offer back when y'all was offering 100 bucks for joining and I have received a qualifying deposit but haven't gotten my reward I also did upside and haven't received anything from them yet either

    — by Stevie golden 1 month ago

  • Why was my account deleted

    — by Kevin Thornton 1 month ago

  • I opened up an upgrade account but I still didn't receive the $20 for opening a checking account

    — by John Holden 1 month ago

  • I played the board kings game and made it to level 23 on my 6th day of playing for 50.00 and I haven’t seen any sort of cash out

    — by Chelsea Backus 1 month ago

  • I was supposed to earn $40 for a game download . I want to contact customer service to get the earnings

    — by Alexis Beltran 1 month ago

  • I completed 2 surveys that were 30 mins long and did not receive my rewards. I don't appreciate that bullshit. I already cant cashout until i have $10 in my account. I can't grt there because yall full of shit making me take surveys for free

    — by Mario Martin 1 month ago

  • Hello. Could you please credit my account 3000 points on an install of Solitaire? I have completed crop 12. Varo advertises to sign up with you.

    — by Dawn Figman 1 month ago

  • I signed up with Perpay on the 9/09/22 through I have yet to see my earnings. It's been almost 30days. I also loved the Perpay app I like everything about it so far. But I'm very very displeased with the Kashkick app.

    — by Eric Johnson 1 month ago

  • I want to talk to someone about how the deposits work after doing a survey or an offer please. If someone could email me to talk about it that'd be great. Thanks

    — by Travis Rose 1 month ago

  • hi, i recently completed a task that said would give me $125.00. It stated i earned it and I have the e mail. please get ahold of me asapp heres my information ,i also need to speak with your personal for help with the account.
    David E King
    37003 East Jim Owens rd
    Oak Grove, Missouri 64075

    — by David E King 1 month ago

  • I have completed offers and have not been paid

    — by David Anderson 1 month ago

  • Hello, I reached out on Sept 24 regarding an $50 offer for downloading BOARDKINGS and completing level 22. I have sent email correspondence and have yet to receive a response or confirmation that my email was received. Please note the level was competed within 3 days of downloading. I can provide screenshorts as well

    — by MANDY B 1 month ago

  • I downloaded the game BoardKings. And I got to level 22 in 6 days like it said & never received my reward. When I downloaded the game it said my reward would be $30. It has now changed to $50. I do not want nor expect the $50. I was promised $30 for finishing 22 levels in 6 days that is what I did & that os all I am looking for. My phone is the Samsung S21 so it's very new. I should not be having this issue. Can we resolve this please. Thankyou for your time and help

    — by Rachel larocco 2 months ago

  • When using kashkik after you complete a survey,game or from signing up to a site after you complete the task how long before funds are credited so you can cash out

    — by Jerry Joyner 2 months ago

  • I need to know when I will receive my $30 reward for completing level 22 on board kings

    — by Telly L Hayes 2 months ago

  • I need to reactivate my account I don't understand why it was decatived. I went to cash out and it closed my a

    — by Charles 2 months ago

  • I still haven’t received my money from completing a task.

    — by Angela Freeman 2 months ago

  • can i get Access to for necessary information

    — by Anusi Theresa 2 months ago

  • I have over $200 in offers completed, and have not received credit. I have been contacting support for over a month now with no reply.

    Please help!

    — by Alexis Elder 2 months ago

  • I am trying to withdraw my money as I have done before but there is nothing on any part of the site on my end that has an option to do anything with the money you have, it just shows the balance. I'm about to throw my phone through my bedroom window for rral

    — by Trent James 2 months ago

  • I need my lash kick account reactivated please ! I don’t understand why my account was closed

    — by Christie Johnson 2 months ago

  • My account has Been closed ? And I had $10 dollars to withdraw. What may be the reason?

    — by Jason Littrell 3 months ago

  • I have been trying to withdrawal my earnings for 3 days now and every time I try it goes to a page saying that the website is down and I can't access it. I would like to access my earnings and have this issue resolved as soon as possible please. Thank you

    — by ALISHA SAMUELS 3 months ago

  • Sir, my my kashkick account has been deactivate. What are the reasons? Please reactive my account. Thanks

    — by Christe Zenner 4 months ago

  • I signed up for time and got my first direct deposit through cash kick and I did it for $100 bonus which there is not a trace of in my earnings

    — by Stefanie Oreto 4 months ago

  • Hello Why can't I activate my kashkick account

    — by Ciera K Ahlman 4 months ago

  • Okay I have messaged you several times in the last couple of days through your support with no answers of why I have not received my money I put in for a withdrawal on the 28th and I still have not received my money now the last time I put in a withdrawal it took less than 6 hours on the 14th of this month to get my money and now I have already waited a couple days and I still have not received my money I want to know what the problem is because I don't have any issues with my PayPal account it's all on your end and I really would expect some kind of answer for you to answer me if you need to you can call me 417-416-1083 I would appreciate any information I could have back on this subject thank you

    — by Christina M Douglas 4 months ago

  • Cash out please it's been 3 days thanks

    — by Billy Hayworth 4 months ago

  • I don’t have a complaint, I think thers someone running a scam using your name, because you’re app says plainly you have to be in the US, this person’s in Zimbawa, she’s saying she won and it’s a blessing, she won by writing a story about why she needs it, Im guessing she’s not ligit since she lives in Zimbawa, Im just alerting you guys in case it’s a scam, if it’s not, can you explain to me how she won when she’s not in this country, Thank you for your time, Sincerely Donna Mullins

    — by Donna Mullins 5 months ago

  • I have a withdrawal for $10.15 that I have been waiting for since 6/16 and it's now 6/20. I don't understand what's the problem when it should only have taken 1-3 days.

    — by Kara A Guelfo 5 months ago

  • If I pay 350 now can I receive the 70 dollars on my account

    — by Chaz 5 months ago

  • Y'all sent my money to wrong PayPal account

    — by Alonzo Morante 5 months ago

  • I just withdrew some money off my account this morning and it has yet to show up in my PayPal so I went online to check my kashkick balance and it said my account has been closed and to contact support to reactivate it. Please explain this. The email on the account is [email protected]

    — by Dana 5 months ago

  • I have 10 dollars waiting for withdrawl on kashkick the survey site i have been waiting over 5 days for the money to hit my pay pal and its seems like its never going to

    — by Mitchell Brown 5 months ago

  • Hello , I didn’t receive my $20 reward for signing up and making a deposit on Happy Nest

    — by Alanas Scott 5 months ago

  • I did not receive my payment of $10.02 that I transacted on 05/28/2022 into my PayPal account due to the fact that I had an account limitation set on my account that is not lifted. I can now receive payment. Please resend payment to my email so that I can claim money. The email that was recently sent to claim my money doesnt exist anymore. My transaction ID # 50720758ST4816116. My email on my account is [email protected] PLEASE RESEND PAYMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I REALLY NEED MY FUNDS ALREADY. IT IS NO LONGER IN MY KASHKICK ACCOUNT SO IT MUSTVE GOT SENT BACK TO YOUR CORPORATION. PLEASE & THANK YOU.

    — by Bryan Tenorio 5 months ago

  • I did not receive payment of $10.02 into my PayPal. Due to the fact I had an account limitation on my PayPal account that is now lifted. I can now receive payment. Can you please re send back the money I am owed. $10.02. my kashkick email address is [email protected] reach me back asap I really need the funds already.

    — by Bryan Tenorio 5 months ago

  • I completed the mafia city game offer before the 21 days that were required to get my payment. I reached out to customer support via email and was told to give them a week to hear back, however I have yet to hear anything. I sent photo proof of the day I began playing, the day I finished playing, and proof of reaching level 21 before the 21 day limit.

    — by Veronica bryant 7 months ago

  • I can't log into my account! And I requested$10.08 payout and never received it and I usually don't have a problem

    — by Jeremy 7 months ago

  • I have got a withdrawal amount but it got sent to her email address that doesn't even exist I needed to send back

    — by Shermaine Skipwith 9 months ago

  • I tried to withdraw my money and sent it to the wrong PayPal account I need to stop the withdrawal process and put a new PayPal

    — by Shermaine Skipwith 10 months ago

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