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tips Cellulite in Thighs Features and Description

Cellulite is considered a rather feminine problem and, although men also have cellulite, it is not located in the same places as for women. In women, among the localizations of cellulite, we find: belly cellulite; cellulite of the buttocks and hips; cellulite at the knees; cellulite on the thighs. Special features of cellulite on the thighs Cellulite on the thighs is the most difficult to dislodge. Two slogans: rigor and perseverance! Cellulitis in the thighs: a typical female problem Men rarely have cellulite on their thighs. This is a typical female problem that results from a gynoid morphology, unlike an android morphology for men (however, some women may be of android type and vice versa): The woman's body is biologically programmed to store fat for pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, gynoid silhouettes are characterized by a thick adipose tissue, located mainly on the buttocks and hips, and on the thighs. Excess fat or water retention? There are different types of cellulite on the thighs: water cellulite: due to excess water (water retention); fat cellulite: due to excess fat. At the same time, we talk about mixed cellulite when these two types coexist, and fibrous cellulite when it is installed for a long time and encrusted deeply. In order to effectively fight against cellulite in the thighs, the first reflex must be to identify what type of cellulite you are suffering from. For that, the examination of the various possible causes can help you. If in doubt, you can call a specialist. The medical diagnosis will help to move towards the best solution. For example, cellulite will be solved by reviving blood and lymphatic circulation, while fat cellulite will put more emphasis on a diet low in fat. Causes of cellulite on the thighs The causes of cellulite in the thighs are diverse but often related. The main factors are: A diet too rich in sugars and fats: the body stores more fat than it spends. These fats are stored in the cells, fat tissue ignites, swells and deforms the skin, giving it an orange peel appearance. Lack of physical activity: sport is the main way to destock the fat present in our body. To achieve muscular effort, the body transforms fat into energy. Water retention: Excess sodium (salt) or a venous or lymphatic problem can slow down the circulation of fluids in the body. Toxins, fats are no longer properly removed and the water is no longer evacuated. This creates an inflammation of the tissues, responsible for cellulite. Heredity: the number and location of fat cells are partly inscribed in our genes. Hormones: Hormonal fluctuations often cause a disruption of the body that no longer properly handles the storage and destocking of fats. Hormones also promote poor venous and lymphatic circulation, and therefore water retention. Learn more Free download.

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