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Why should I report an Issue with Set IPTV?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of SetSysteme to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Set IPTV Features and Description

SET IPTV is new developed Media Player to watch your content easily SET IPTV application is an empty Media Player without any kind of contents

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Bonjour,
    Depuis quelques jours je ne peux regarder mes chaines convenablement car il y a de nombreuses micro coupures de plus est aujourd'hui j'ai un message d'erreur en m'indiquant que les services sont inaccessible!!!!
    Pouvez vus rapidement me dire ce qui se passe?
    Dans l'attente d'une réponse rapide de votre part...

    — by Bruno GONZALES 1 week ago

  • there is message on my tv that m3u file is not supported

    — by Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Ali 1 week ago

  • Min kamrat har en kanallista som heter cmore och en som heter viaplay på eran app.Det har inte jag,varför?

    — by Bengt Friberg 1 week ago

  • non funziona l mio mac e 6ab038d98138f0 intestato a ciampolini simone...non funziona da circa 2 settimane

    — by Simone ciampolini 1 week ago

  • Verkar som att jag har fel "version"
    Kollade med min kamrat och han har en på svenska

    — by Bengt Friberg 1 week ago

  • Salve, volevo sapere se avete un setiptv apk funzionante su firestik

    — by Gerardo Fioretti 1 week ago

  • Hola,e instalado la aplicación y e pagado pero no tengo el URL que me pide después de meter el Mac de mi TV,podríais enviarlo porfavor

    — by José Luis Martín dominguez 1 week ago

  • Contrate set iptv hace 2 años y pague 16 euros y me dijisteis que era un pago único para siempre.Ayer quise utilizar su aplicación y no me dejaba poner la lista porque me pedía que pagará set iptv otra vez.Espero me resuelvan el problema.Gracias

    — by Juan Jose 2 weeks ago

  • Bonjour
    J ai installé set iptv en.essai il y a une semaine . J avais pris une offre d iptv et tout fonctionnait parfaitement. Hier j ai acheté l application puisque l essai était terminé et plus rien n est accessible alors que du côté de l iptv tout est en ordre . Le problème vient donc de l application. Je sais que vous ne remboursez pas mais plus rien ne fonctionne depuis que j ai payé donc il faut trouver une solution

    — by Syl Sagawe 2 weeks ago

  • La mia applicazione a set iptv alla televisione è circa una settimana che non funziona il mio mac 6ab038d98138f0 spero che me lo ripristinate al più presto dato che ho pagato regolarmente...grazie

    — by Simone ciampolini 2 weeks ago

  • I purchased your app, but is not working on my Samsung 8K TV. Only happens is a black screen when opening app.
    Please asist or refund. Thanks.


    Recieve number: 4766117916021049

    [email protected]
    212 668742201

    — by hans99 2 weeks ago

  • Hi my probleme is i search a Channel free

    — by Alto Nzau 2 weeks ago

  • Έχω συνδρομή στο sep iptv και θέλω να κάνω ανανέωση της συνδρομής μου αλλά δεν βρίσκω που μπορώ να την κάνω ευχαριστω

    — by ACHILLEFS 3 weeks ago

  • Although we paid the unlimited App Access for TV, it says that the license expired today on 1Nov2022! Please Check and contact for Details ( .MAC Adress) BR, Alexandru Rantz

    — by Rantz 3 weeks ago

  • Jag vill förlänga abonnemang hos er.

    — by Torbjörn Appelqvist 3 weeks ago

  • Requiring me to register again as app has expired
    Brian Robertson

    — by Brian Robertson 4 weeks ago

  • Hi My service is not working can u check

    — by Yawar hassan 1 month ago

  • Can not read the M3U file. Format is not supported or service…

    — by Marcus 1 month ago

  • Hi I activate my mac: 68:07:0a:33:9e:3c. But it is not working..can u help me for this

    — by Suleyman Yabaci 1 month ago

  • I can't pay it says crédit card number format invalid

    — by Acacio Correia 1 month ago

  • Bonjour J'ai un souci avec votre application quand je démarre l'application ça me fait écran noir je dois éteindre la télévision pour faire marcher l'application ça me fait encore écran noir l'application marche une fois sur cinq sachant que j'ai payé l'application c'est quoi la cause de l'écran noir ??

    — by Leca 1 month ago

  • Hi.
    I bought this week your app for Samsung TV and today when i'm saw a movie he Crash.

    I restart the app but now doesnt work. Take to much time to start and after give me the error m3u, system inacessible, contact your provider.

    You upgrade the app, or i need to do any step to work again?

    Best regards
    Carlos Santos

    — by Carlos Santos 1 month ago

  • Hesabım var fakat tv de deneme sürümü gözüküyor deneme sürümü bitti mac adresi değişmediği için giriş yapmıyor

    — by Serdar 1 month ago

  • Hello, I've been happily using SET IPTV for a year and want to renew my subscription but can find no way of doing it, can you help please? all I can find is info on installing the lifetime app, which is already installed on the TV, my MAC no. is a447dde34a85 and no, I can't remember my password, when I try to recover it I see '404 not found', I hope to hear from you, many thanks, Steven Liska

    — by Steven Paul Liska 1 month ago

  • I cannot get the app to work it doesent start I have paid to activate it

    — by Paul 1 month ago

  • The search function don't work on my lg and Samsung tv

    — by Edgar Veigas 1 month ago

  • The search function don't work on my lg and Samsung tv

    — by Edgar Veigas 1 month ago

  • Set iptv on my samsung tv will not open only get a black screen

    — by alex stevenson 1 month ago

  • Hello, I paid 15 euros, but the program on the TV did not work. Please check the MAC number: 64:1c:b0:05:94:c2 and thank you

    — by Alae 1 month ago

  • Hello there Setiptv team ... My Mac address is 70:2a:d5:ea:46:f9 ... Did by the app previously and did have lifetime license... Now the updated iptv app. Is asking me to pay again ... Please need my lifetime licenses back ...thanks in advance

    — by Medhat Soliman 1 month ago

  • bonjour je voulais recuperer mon setiptv qui deja achte jai mais un nouvelle mac jarrive pas me connecter vous pouvez maider svp merci

    — by rachid arab 1 month ago

  • This app is crap so iam reporting you

    — by kevin hill 1 month ago

  • Bonjour
    Mon app ne fonctionne plus.
    J’ai réactivé la liste avec mon adresse mac mais cela ne marche pas!
    L’app ne veut pas valider mon adresse mac ?
    Pouvez vous m’aider
    Car ça fonctionne avec Smartiptv!!!

    — by BENNAOUI 1 month ago

  • My SetIptv has stopped working and is asking me to pay after the 7 day trial . I paid for SetIptv years ago.
    The MAC :fc:03:9f:94:0f:4d

    — by Brian Robertson 1 month ago

  • Hallo

    Ich habe 15,99€ bezahlt... wie bekomme ich activation...?

    — by Erdinc Bulat 1 month ago

  • Every time I upload & submit xstream code won’t upload the playlist I need help now I paid for activation & I can’t open the app for my playlists plz

    — by Dannielle 1 month ago

  • Mehrere m3u Adresse einrichten ist möglich? jährlich activation ist möglich?
    Online Bank überwiesung ist möglich...?

    — by Erdinc Bulat 1 month ago

  • no consigo cargar ninguna lista me da error 519,

    — by alberto jesus 1 month ago

  • I have paid for subscription and suddenly asking me to subscribe on free 7 day trial

    — by Brian Robertson 1 month ago

  • Good night, I bought your app about 2 years ago I've been using it normally, but today when I went to access it, a message appeared saying that I have to pay again, I could correct it
    my mac is >>> b8:bc:5b:09:42:2e

    — by Vanderson Gallina 1 month ago

  • Salve la tv mi da 7 giorni di licenza ma io ho acquistato da tempo la licenza a vita.
    licenza per tv: cc:6e:a4:20:f9:0e
    Attendo vostre indicazioni
    Cordiali saluti

    — by Gianluca Muscas 1 month ago

  • Bonjour. Mon application setiptv ne veut plus fonctionner depuis hier.
    Merci de votre aide

    — by Toumsi 1 month ago

  • I have been back from vacation for 4 days and now my set iptv no longer works?? I checked my internet wifi everything and everything works great. as soon as i start the app i get black screen and after a minute or so it goes back to my tv. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing works!! I paid € 15,- for this, a shame help

    — by Gökhan Korkmaz 1 month ago

  • Hello i can open the mediaplayer app setiptv but i cant open live tv and VOD and Series. Playlist and Settings to open is possibel.

    Pleas help me.


    — by Djordje Spasojevic 1 month ago

  • Por favor verificar mi Mac, se activo en el 2020 y me dice que venció el periodo de prueba, se supone que es un solo pago.
    Muchas gracias

    Please check my Mac, it was activated in 2020 and it tells me that the trial period expired, it is supposed to be a single payment.
    Thank you very much


    Thank you for your accepting our terms and conditions

    Your device MAC is successfully activated,

    Upload Your Playlist
    MAC address: 00:7C:2D:64:B8:03

    Transaction id: 9HT75176809289010

    — by camilo valencia rincon 1 month ago

  • Hi,

    I keep having error 5011 with the app on my Tv.
    Please help because it is frustrating!!!

    — by Isaac 1 month ago

  • hi! i just want to know how to recover my password. i clicked the recovery option botton, I submit my email but the screen show. error 404 not found. can anybody help me please?

    — by rodolfo 2 months ago

  • Hi, I lost my the channels on Setiptv after it upgraded and I can't get them back, I never kept the details of the company that uploaded them so I can't ask them, is there anything that you can do?
    Regards Conrad Smith

    — by Conrad Smith 2 months ago

  • Ich möchte eine Kauf stornieren.

    — by Alex Ionescu 2 months ago

  • I already bought the app setiptv and now I having problems to open the app. I just can’t open it. My tv screen just go pinch black. Thank you

    — by Flavio Almeida 2 months ago

  • VOD not working

    — by Theresa 2 months ago

  • Hi , the app is not working properly, works 1 day and stops for 3 days . When you click on it , the screen stays black . Please let me know what to do . I already pay for activation fee

    — by youness laabid 2 months ago

  • Please i have activate my set iptv but still is not coming I have paid the money so please help me

    — by Osei Kingsley Adjei 2 months ago

  • Please i have activate my set iptv but still is not coming I have paid the money so please help me

    — by Osei Kingsley Adjei 2 months ago

  • Live tv works but not VOD

    — by Theresa 2 months ago

  • Hi
    From yesterday setiptv app on my Samsung TV don't give u the possibility to select your favorite list. You can see that u have a star o previous favorite channels but my favorite on left side were you select countries are now missing
    What have happened?

    — by Anders 2 months ago

  • sir i had posted a dirty dp on hello yo account id by mistake we did not know about it sir mistake happened now this time will never happen open my id blacklist please please sir i will never do this now My name Asim khan my phone nomber 9012577990
    My id nomber 1555391769

    — by Asim khan 2 months ago

  • Sir i had posted dirty dp on hello yo account by mistake i did not know about it i made a mistake sir now it will never happen like this please open the id 🙏😔 id nomber ..1576364387. My contect phone nomber 9863355386😔😔🙏👈

    — by Asim khan 2 months ago

  • Tengo su aplicación y en los partidos importantes se corta constantemente,estoy conectado por cable ,Smarttv Lg ,100Mb, qué solución me dan? Gracias

    — by Jose 2 months ago

  • I have already paid for the service, but didn't receive a URL to activate it.
    Please send me my URL

    — by Matarr Ceesay 2 months ago

  • hi i bought an activation for my mac address for 15.99 € but nothing happens. this is my mac address 7c:0a:3f:ef:14:18

    — by Omar 2 months ago

  • انا اشتريت البرنامج 16 يورو وما اجاني ايميل تاكيد ولساته عم بيعطيني سبعه ايام تجريبي وقت ما بشغل الشاشه لماذا وشكرا

    — by Ahmad 2 months ago

  • I have used the m3u link
    Which worked for 1 hour and now will not.
    I have been advised by the host to message yourselves for a resolution as everything is online on their end. Can you please advise as I am getting an error message.
    TV has been activated with below code

    — by Peter Cassidy 2 months ago

  • Live non visibili

    — by Arcangelo 2 months ago

  • hi, I made a payment of 15.99 euros but the mac once paid was wrong and I was not marked incorrect during the payment and the money was taken, my order number is 23299 made on 09/15/2022. I hope you can help me thanks

    — by mina 2 months ago

  • Goedmorgen gisteren opwaarderen gekocht €15,99 bij jullie maar ik heb nog niks ontvangen:omschrijving:4RFO5D7

    — by ait oufkir 2 months ago

  • Hello i would like to ask you why there is no subs in movies on LG Tv i have at home Samsung and LG on LG there is no Subs on Samsung is okey i try the same movies i use same Tv on both tv???

    — by Tomi 2 months ago

  • I can watch series fine but when I go watch Live tv everything cuts off and it all shuts down. Then gives me the error message that the M3U file is wrong. Once I reset my tv the series works again but I cannot get live tv to work at all. I have contact my provider and they say their is no problem and everything is working fine

    — by Ellie Davis 2 months ago

  • Buenas, el año pasado compre la aplicación Set Iptv, he tenido que desistalarla y volverla a instalar porque no me cargaba la lista. Ahora me pone que tengo la versión de prueba,
    ¿cómo puedo volver a tener la aplicación sin versiones de prueba?

    — by Sergio Bermejo Serradilla 2 months ago

  • Salve l'applicazione non mi carica più la lista 3mu ci sono problemi?

    — by Roberto Tolazzi 2 months ago

  • I have problem whith lot off channels. On the screen it stand( Xui this channel is currently offline pleace tray again later.)

    — by Torbjörn Appelqvist 2 months ago

  • Appear in my screen life time
    why I bought one year of my subscription

    — by wilian 2 months ago

  • Doesn't work my tv programs please
    what happened

    — by wilian 2 months ago

  • Ik heb de app gekocht en zappflix heeft zenders geladen maar nou wil ik vía een andere aan bieder proberen maar ik kan niks veranderen in de app op tv. De oude zenders blijven in beeld komen. Hoe kan ik de app weer leeg maken zodat dark iptv de zenders kan laden

    — by Dolf Schrama 2 months ago

  • Goedmorgen gisteren opwaarderen gekocht €15,99 bij jullie maar ik heb nog niks ontvangen:omschrijving:4RFO5D7

    — by ait oufkir 2 months ago

  • I need app dramas india

    — by Hamda 2 months ago

  • I cannot send a m3u playlist to my tv. Message "Invalid playlist" always appear.

    — by Agustí Puertas 2 months ago

  • I'm just change my TV and I will like to know how to transfer my subscription to the new one

    — by Javier Gonzalvez Tamayo 2 months ago

  • Hi my ma is b0f7c428ea a6
    Is showing error 519 and the date of expiration is 0000000.
    It was not working last 2 days.
    Could you help me please.
    Best wishes

    — by Hamid 2 months ago

  • Avevo già acquistato una licenza il 4 luglio 2022 (MAC address: 64:E7:D8:3A:70:B0 - Transaction id: 64e7d83a70b0__9269). Purtroppo ho dovuto reinstallare l'app e l'indirizzo mac è cambiato. Ho provato quindi a fare un nuovo acquisto ma il sistema rifiuta il pagamento (errore 99). Potrei ricevere un riscontro? Grazie

    — by Massimo Bucci 2 months ago

  • I have paid but it doesnt work. No email confirmation, how can I contact supportdesk?

    — by Draco 2 months ago

  • Hello i have payed de money for the app butt it dosnt word i send mail everything

    — by Huda Demirtas 2 months ago

  • I have a problem : Can not read the m3u file.

    — by BENMOHAMED 2 months ago

  • I paid the fee but on my TV still says expired on August 22.

    — by Luciana 2 months ago

  • Hello,

    I ordered last week and payed 15€ for the app but cannot login.

    I send you an email with my bankpayment. I would like to get my money back.

    Camilla Tang

    — by Tang Camilla 2 months ago

  • i have reactivated by mistake my SET IPTV already active and i paid a second time for the application on the same adress MAC
    is there a way to recover my 15.99 that i paid
    thanks for help.

    — by AIT AROUSS Hafid 2 months ago

  • Worked for a month and stopped saying cannot read the m3u file

    — by Aurimas Ceslauskas 2 months ago

  • Cela fait plus d'une semaine que mon téléviseur Samsung s'est brisé. Du coup j'ai acheté un autre(LG)
    Comment faire avec mon LG, pour récupérer ma licence de setiptv que j'ai payée?
    merci de me répondre .

    — by DANIEL NGALANE NDONG 2 months ago

  • Please can you look at the system; it will only launch periodically and will not contact to any of the programmes?

    — by Jeff Dixon 2 months ago

  • Hello i have payed de money foor the app butt it dosnt word i send mail everything can some one help me

    — by Jamal Amarkouchi 3 months ago

  • The App will not launch! It just keeps asking if I want to exit.

    — by Jeff Dixon 3 months ago

  • Boa tarde . Coloco a lista no vosso site e da como concluído lista atualizada .as chego a TV e diz que não aveita o file m3u.
    Sabem me dizer porque , antes funcionava .obrigado

    — by HUGO 3 months ago

  • Hallo ik heb Set iptv 15.99 EUR overgemaakt om te activeren. Maar ik heb geen bevestigings email ontvangen? Kan iemand mij hiermee helpen?

    — by Ali Osman Cakir 3 months ago

  • Good morning. I have instaled the pay version since last year but from about 2 months I made some changes to erase favorite chanels and after that even I see the full play list I have not be able to watch any channel. All what I see is the message "Can't play this stream".
    I think I made a mistake in the configuration but I dont know how to solve and continue enjoyning this. I use Power IPTV with the same playlist in other tv using star iptv and I can watch with no issues. the provider of the service told me that I have to solve this with you. please your help.

    — by Rodrigo Carreno 3 months ago

  • It freeccuently apears on screen geting to se a movie or a series episoder!
    video playback has been interupted from the source…
    Trying to open and watch series and no filés are in the series box to choose from! Episode etc etc
    Best regards David

    — by David Verrone 3 months ago

  • Network error keeps appearing.
    I have no network issues with any other app.
    Also I takes 2-3 minutes for the app to load at start up.
    Jason o flying
    9222194bec5a mac address

    — by Jasonofynn 3 months ago

  • It freeccuently apears on screen geting to se a movie or a series episoder!
    video playback has been interupted from the source…
    Trying to open and watch series and no filés are in the series box to choose from!

    Best regards David

    — by David Verrone 3 months ago

  • I am getting the message: “can not read the m3ufile. The format is not supported or your service is inaccessible please contact your provider.”

    I have contacted my provider but they tell me everything is okay. Is there something I can do with this app to let it work again ?

    Thanks in advance

    — by Ireen 3 months ago

  • Hi, system not working saying it cannot read m3u file.

    — by Gary Lucas 3 months ago

  • i want no this app original or fake

    — by yusuf 3 months ago

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