how to cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys

How To Cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys Subscription

Most apps and streaming services these days are subscription-based. Sometimes you may also have subscriptions you didn't know you signed up for or forgot about. Or maybe you subscribed to the free trial version of Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys and need to disconnect before the charges come in.

In this article, I will show you all the steps and procedures you can follow to cancel your Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscriptions - on Smartphones, Paypal and directly. So, if you want to end your Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscriptions, keep reading.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Cancel on Iphone
  2. How to Cancel on Android
  3. How to Cancel via Paypal
  4. How to Cancel via Email
  5. Cancel on Poll Pay website
  6. Alternatives to Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys

cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscription   cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscription 2

Cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys Subscription on iPhone & iPad

Here are some steps iOS users need to take to cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscription on your Apple device:

  1. The first thing you need to do is click settings.
  2. Next, you open your Apple ID profile by tapping the icon with your name on it.
  3. From the profile page, click the subscriptions menu.
  4. Look through the list and click on Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys.
  5. Click the 'cancel subscription' button at the end of the page. If you are still using the trial version, there will be an option to cancel the free trial.
  6. To complete this process, you must confirm that you want to cancel your subscription. Once you click this "cancel" button, the process of cancelling Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscription is complete! Hurray

Another way to cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscription is from your Apple App Store. The process is simple:

  1. Click the Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys store Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveyslication and tap your profile.
  2. From your accounts page, click subscriptions.
  3. Select the active subscription you want to end.
  4. Click 'cancel subscription'.

Cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys Subscription on Android

From your Android device, you can find all in-app subscriptions in one place on the Google Play Store. To cancel your active subscriptions, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Launch the PlayStore app from your app drawer or home screen.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click the hamburger menu icon beside the search bar.
  3. From the list, select "Subscriptions".
  4. This will then show you all the subscriptions you pay for through the Google Play Store.
  5. Tap on "Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys" and click "Cancel Subscription".
  6. You will be asked why you want to cancel your subscription. Choose any option. You can decline to answer
  7. Your subscription to Poll Pay will now be canceled.

Cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys Subscription on PayPal

If you signed up to Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys via Paypal, you may be in luck. This is because Paypal helps you cancel directly from your Paypal account. Awesome right? Here is how:

  1. Sign in to your PayPal Account.
  2. Click settings from the top of your account page.
  3. Select "Payments".
  4. Click "Manage Automatic Payments".
  5. Under Automatic Payments tab, you will see Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys. Click it
  6. Click "Cancel" button
  7. You are now unsubscribed from Poll Pay

Can't unsubscribe? Contact PayPal customer service on phone. Here's how you can get it done:

  • From the PayPal website, click 'Help' at the top of the page.
  • Select 'call customer support'.
  • Then, click 'You can always call us as a guest'.

Cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys Subscription via Email

You can cancel the service by contacting Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys via email. Here is how to handle the email cancellation request:

  1. Enlist your reasons for canceling.
  2. Provide all the relevant information regarding your account.
  3. Provide a reason for the cancellation.
  4. Shoot your email to [email protected] Login to see email.

Alternatively, you can Request your Poll Pay subscription be canceled below.
Send their customer service your feedback using the format mentioned above.

Already have an account? Login here

Cancel Subscription If Billed Directly on Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys's Website

An alternate way of canceling Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscriptions is to do it from the website. This will help, if you don't have the Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys app installed on your smartphone. Here is how:

  1. Visit and login.
  2. Visit your account page.
  3. Click 'Billings" or "Subscriptions" or other similar alternatives to see a list of your options.
  4. Select "Cancel".

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cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscription   cancel Poll Pay: Earn money and gift cards - paid surveys subscription 2

Reported Cancellation Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I tried to cash out my money and it clicked on an Amazon voucher that I didn’t what I wanted the cash in PayPal I still don’t have the voucher also so I’m down £10 with nothing !

    — by annemarie russell on May 01 2021

  • My account got banned permanently again just took a survey gave option to enter for a amazon gift card when I put my email in it clicked banned permanently again it s second time it s done this after completing a survey ?? I’m new really love this app please help?

    — by Chris boles on Apr 30 2021

  • I'm sorry, but my account is suspended. I think i'm not break the terms and Service rules. Why my account suspended. Please, i've invite so many people to download your app

    — by Muhammad Indra Fata on Apr 29 2021

  • Hi, I don't know why but I have not received any surveys for 3 days, I logged in with google, could you help me? I do not know what happened

    — by Cristi on Apr 28 2021

  • Hello

    My account on Poll pay ([email protected]) was banned today

    Can you explain to me why?

    please can you unban it?

    Thank you

    — by Lemaire Sebastien on Apr 28 2021

  • Dear pollpay team, I would like to sincerely thank you for unlocking my account.Now I've had the problem for a few days that if I want to complete a survey and click on it, I am kicked out of the survey and my account Verein Pack is blocked is until the next trip what is the reason and how can it be fixed I am really a satisfactory customer of your app and I think it's good that the other apps do not fool people and lose weight but offer a way to earn quick money from home I would like to continue using the app but at the moment I just don't know what to do next and would therefore be happy if you could do something about it and that I can do surveys again, thank you very much

    — by Fabienne on Apr 27 2021

  • My account has been deleted and I am not sure why? Please reinstate my account.
    Thank you Tina;

    — by Tina Fleury on Apr 26 2021

  • Hi. I keep getting an error message saying "connection timed out" when I've taken a couple of surveys recently, after spending about 15 mins into completion of them. There is nothing on your app to request a support ticket regarding this. I have taken screenshots to send you if you are able to respond by email. If this keeps happening, with no form of renumeration I'll be forced to delete my account with you.

    — by Sienna-Mae Yates on Apr 26 2021

  • My account has been permanently banned for misclicking and I have £4.72 remaining in my balance can I still cash this out

    — by Dan on Apr 24 2021

  • Hi, I always received the pop-up message that I am not qualify for the survey however will be rewarded with $0.01 but always it did not reflect in my reward.

    — by Ma Yeah Har on Apr 23 2021

  • I just reached the $25 limit to cash out with PayPal. I have a balance of $26.03 . It tells me to enter my phone number but when I do it says it is invalid. I want this fixed so I can cash out

    — by Vincenza Colavolpe on Apr 21 2021

  • When trying to werify zip code/ postal code for UK - showing valid code and cannot go through

    — by Dorota Waszynska on Apr 21 2021

  • I have redeemed 10 USD from a survey app (Pollpay) and i got a email with a link to claim payment but on opening the link it says that it cannot process my request. I emailed your merchant team they told me to contact here and they mentioned me to tell you about a service note that they have
    created. Please take look at the SERVICE NOTE I am attaching the error message below
    My email for paypal - [email protected]
    My phone - 8976852558
    Please sort this out before the link expires

    — by Awais khan on Apr 21 2021

  • Mi sono appena collegata e mi dice che il mio account è bloccato in modo permanente per violazione dei termini di utilizzo. Vorrei capire cosa avrei violato visto he mi sono limitata a rispondere ai sondaggi. Vorrei ricevere una risposta grazie

    — by Luisa on Apr 20 2021

  • How many times can I withdraw from my account? I only withdrew 1 reward and it won’t let me withdraw another

    — by Alisha on Apr 20 2021

  • I cant log in to my poll pay account because "vpn n proxy" but i never use vpn or proxy, i just reconnect my internet connection becouse low, then after my internet back to normal , i cant log in,, help me please..

    — by Aris Wibowo on Apr 18 2021

  • Dear Poll pay,
    I am writing to complain about Poll pay. I am banned for a few HOURS because the app/site says that i am not answering the quistions truthfully. But I have spoken nothing but the truth. It was a quistion about my favorite expirience as a child. And I answered with: When I was young I have build a tree house with my grandpa in my backyard. And that's completely the truth. Can you guys please unban me so I can go and fill in some more enquêtes I would really appreciate that.

    Yours faithfully,
    Thijs Bastiaans

    — by Thijs Bastiaans on Apr 16 2021

  • Hi I was banned no reason . I wish to with draw my money too. They didn’t pay me a lot of surveys as well . I wish to be contacted as this is unfair and disgusting treatment

    — by Lisa on Apr 16 2021

  • I cashed out $25 with PayPal a week ago and have not received anything. Not a confirmation or any payment. I previously cashed out $10 with no problem. There is no way to get any help on this app the “help” section is just a FAQ page with no other way to contact anyone. Incredibly frustrating. I would like a resolution not a “we’ll try to do better” or “we’ll try to improve” fix this issue. I would like the compensation for all the work I did on these surveys. I had to resort to a third party website and create an account to even be able to have my issue heard. Disappointed that there’s no way to reach anyone easily. Not on the app or even with a google search.

    — by Casandra Aguilar on Apr 16 2021

  • Hi,
    I haven’t received my payment of £10 from poll pay.
    I wrote the correct email but still haven’t received it

    — by Reefat Ali on Apr 16 2021

  • Surveys are presented to me in Hindi. Please send only in English

    — by John Bhasme on Apr 16 2021

  • I have been blocked for no reason and stopped permanently, there must be error in this action from the app

    — by jayanta das on Apr 15 2021

  • I have redeemed 10 USD for pollpay on 9th April and the same day i got email in german language with link to claim payment but on opening that link it is they cant process my request, please ressolve this issue before the link expires
    My pollpay email - [email protected]
    My phone - 8976852558

    — by Awais khan on Apr 12 2021

  • Hi I need help becuase my account is blocked permanently and I cant do anything on it

    — by Adheel Shafiq on Apr 10 2021

  • I love the app and everything however for some reason my account is blocked, I really need the money out of it to pay a bill but I can’t for 6 hours. Please help me fast

    — by Kennedy Harrison on Apr 10 2021

  • I accidentally pressed on an Amazon gift card reward when I wanted to choose a pay pal reward. I don’t have an option to refund this or transfer it. Also I can’t get hold of this gift card so it is no use to me

    — by Freya Leishman on Apr 09 2021

  • OMG ! Back on and go to survey , kicked off due to technical issue and boom BLOCKED AGAIN 4th DAY IN A FREAKING ROW !

    — by Cathy Henrickson on Apr 09 2021

  • 3 days in a row , keep blocking my account ! I’ve done nothing wrong

    — by Cathy Henrickson on Apr 08 2021

  • Why does my account get blocked for 24 hours after answering 1 question? This has happened twice in a row ! I got blocked then when I was unblocked I answered ONE question and account blocked again !

    — by Cathy Henrickson on Apr 06 2021

  • I finished a survey, but when they wanted to send me back to the app there came an error and now I couldn't get my reward. Is there a way I can still get it, because I finished the whole survey and it costed a lot of time.

    — by Noor on Apr 06 2021

  • Dear Pollpay App Team,
    I have an issue with my Account, i downloaded the Pollpay App and also used the online Website. When i first used it i was really suprised that they payed out real money in exchange for doing surveys. The last week i tried to log into my Account and wanted to do some Surveys cause i had 26.38 Euros on my Account and wanted to safe them to 50 euros so i can get my 50 Euro Google play card. So i tried to do a Survey and then it says: Your account has been pemanetly banned until 6 of March 2120. I havent done anyting wrong and tried to answer all Questions as Syrious as i can. What can i do i really wanted to do some Surveys and were so happy with this app.

    — by Fabienne on Apr 05 2021

  • Hello-I just completed a survey using 15-20 minutes of my time for high reward like for 0.50 cents more or 0.70 cents-over all it was a lot I did survey for and at the end of the survey-it didn’t give me payout and said survey stopped
    Someone please get back to me-I did it in poll pay survey-thank u

    — by Jim on Apr 04 2021

  • Hello my account got suspended and it says it will keep suspended but didnt done something wrong i just stardet 10 surveys and kicked from all of them i didnt even leaved the surveys please help

    — by Baris Meric on Apr 04 2021


    — by Billie-rei-dawn Davis-kauwhata on Apr 03 2021

  • I cashed out for 25.90 with PayPal and it said it was sent but the money never showed up in my PayPal account ([email protected]

    — by Jonathan mcguire on Apr 03 2021

  • I actually don’t have a complaint, I would like to be an affiliate marketer for you’re company.

    — by Chad Lee Hall on Apr 03 2021

  • Hallo,möchte gerne meine Auszahlung überwiesen bekommen.

    — by Renate Rucinski on Apr 02 2021

  • Bonjour,
    Je suis membre de votre application en remplissant une enquête qui ne fonctionnait pas je me suis trompé au lieu de cliquer sur problème technique j’ai cliqué sur sujet sensible ce qui a bloqué mon compte étant une erreur en voulant aller vite serait-il possible de débloquer mon compte svp ?


    — by Abbaoui on Mar 31 2021

  • I was banned for no reason, i completed a survey and then was told that i was permanently banned

    — by Anna Ramsey on Mar 31 2021

  • I just made a 10 pound transfer to paypal, however afterwards the email is not correct, because my correct email is: [email protected] and not [email protected]; please help to change the data, thank you

    — by Antônio Jorge Martins de bastos on Mar 29 2021

  • I love poll pay so much the surveys are awesome. I tried to cash out 25 to PayPal but my computer froze up and went to cash out on Amazon can y'all switch that for me please to PayPal instead of amazon i need the 25 for lifesaving medicine that ive been out of 2 weeks please help

    — by Brittany Matkins on Mar 27 2021

  • Send payment to gcash

    — by Jemar bartolay lastra on Mar 27 2021

  • i tried to withdraw money and it asked me to verify my phone number but keeps saying its invalid, but it isnt
    [email protected] 0421188710

    — by Guy Rosewarn on Mar 25 2021

  • It's not letting me verify my phone number for PayPal payout.

    — by Casey Lee on Mar 25 2021

  • I just wanted to know when my five day countdown would be up because it’s been five days just about and I’m waiting a couple minutes for it to be all set

    — by Devin Perkins on Mar 24 2021

  • I requested a pay pall transfer on my account (ihsane malass facebook login) I did not recieve anything although the paypal email was written correctly and is verified. I waited the 5 working days as mnentioned in the terms and services section still I did not get anything. I found it pretty frustating that there is noway to report a mistake on your app and no way to contact you. hope this can get fixed.

    — by ihsane malass on Mar 23 2021

  • Hey i tried to purchase paypal with my money earned however it didnt click the paypal and ordered thr amazon card can you please switch the reward thank you

    — by Russell Gilchrest on Mar 21 2021

  • I made a redeemed a amazon gift card but then I deleted the app by mistake is their any way that I can recover the gift card that I earned

    — by Nathan on Mar 18 2021

  • I have been using the poll pay app for 2 months firstly they said you can withdrawal $ 5 when I have reached $5 they said you can't withdrawal $5 you can withdrawal $10 when I am almost completed the 10$ they blocked my account i can't login for 3333 days and 23hours

    — by Aishwarya Mhatre on Mar 16 2021

  • Liebes Pollpay Team!

    Ich wurde soeben dauerhaft gebannt, bevor sie weiter scrollen! Ich habe gelesen der Support kann da ebenso nichts tun jedenfalls möchte ich hinweisen das ich zu Unrecht gebannt wurde!
    Ich habe auf eine Umfrage geklickt und bevor ich überhaupt etwas sehen bzw. Anklicken konnte wurde ich disqualifiziert, daraufhin wurde mein Account gesperrt.
    Ich erbitte eine entbannung meines Account's!


    — by Basti on Mar 15 2021

  • I was banned for no reason, and there is no way to contact him to find out why.

    — by Eneias Fagundes Dias on Mar 15 2021

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I have requested a payment of 10 euros via my PayPal account [email protected] after completing the surveys and still haven't received my payment.

    Kindly let me know when will received it.

    Thanks and regards

    — by Shaheen RUHOMAULLY on Mar 15 2021

  • Hi- It is saying my account is banned and not letting me cash out right now.

    — by Robert Frongello on Mar 14 2021

  • Hi- It is saying my account is banned and not letting me cash out right now.

    — by Robert Frongello on Mar 14 2021

  • Can u help me unbanned my account my emails is [email protected] i saved up my money and now my time is wasted and I can’t receive it

    — by Lyna on Mar 11 2021

  • I’m very disappointed as I saved up 7£ for to check out and my account got banned for no reason and now it won’t let me check out the money I saved up

    — by Lyna on Mar 11 2021

  • Hello and good morning,
    in pollpay i wanted to payout with paypal. The adress is right and i did the confirmation test. When i pressed payout, there comes the following message :"Error
    For security reasons, your account must be at least 3 days old before you can make a withdrawal."
    My Account is older than 3 days thats why i wanted to ask you why i get this message. im upset. In history there it is written that i made surveys on 03.07.2021.
    this date is older than 3 days.

    help pls

    — by Mathias Erch on Mar 11 2021

  • Heelo and good morning,
    in pollpay i wanted to payout with paypal. The adress is right and i did the confirmation test. When i pressed payout, there comes the following message :"Error
    For security reasons, your account must be at least 3 days old before you can make a withdrawal."
    My Account is older than 3 days thats why i wanted to ask you why i get this message. im upset.

    bye pls answer

    — by Mathias Erch on Mar 11 2021

  • Olá bom dia eu concluir uma pesquisa de mais de 30 minutos até chegou a página de agradecimento e até falou que fui creditado mais não fui, terminei a pesquisa e a minha conta não foi creditada.

    — by Valdemir on Mar 10 2021

  • When I try to redeem my money on my paypal account, it says send verification code to phone number, and it won’t let me click that button. I need this fixed asap and hours of my time have been wasted.

    — by Riley Pecucci on Mar 10 2021

  • Initiated a $10 payout to my PayPal at 11:45pm EST. It’s now 12:15a and it hasn’t arrived. This has happened before but they said the problems with PayPal they had would be fixed in future. Anyway - where’s my payout!!!

    — by Eric D Storey on Mar 09 2021

  • Hello, on the 6th of february 2021 I cashed out £10 for an amazon gift card, I have been waiting almost a month now and i still dont have a code, all it says is that the gift card is requested. Please could you help. Thank you

    — by oli car on Mar 05 2021

  • I recently completed a lengthly survey by lucid survey and was given the message at the end that my participation status would be updated soon, but then there was an error and I was kicked off the survey.

    — by Jasmine Blight on Mar 04 2021

  • It has been 5 days since I created my account and I can't pay out. Why is that?

    — by Harley Bergland on Mar 04 2021

  • I wanted a Apple gift card, it said I had to wait 5 days, and so I did today is the fifth day and it still says the same thing. I have wasted so much time on this app and I would like my money. Thank you.

    — by Damari on Mar 03 2021

  • Hello, when I wanted to withdraw my Poll Pay money to put it on PayPal, I accidentally clicked on Amazon, when I wanted to ask for 10 euros PayPal. Could you correct this? Thanks

    — by Quentin Krieger on Mar 03 2021

  • I earned 10.50 on poll apt last week and went to put it into my paypal account however it still hasn’t arrived in

    — by Rachel Barlow on Mar 02 2021

  • I accidentally cashed out Google Play instead of Paypal. The code is still Unused and I am not a scammer. I would like you to take the Google Play AWAY. And send $10 PayPal to [email protected]
    I signed up with Facebook.
    My email is : [email protected]
    password: okhere11

    — by James on Mar 01 2021

  • Guys u fucking suck, im still waiting for my 15€ PAYPAL!!! !MY ACCOUNT GETS FOR NO REASON BANNED!! SCAMMER FUCKERS I WILL REPORT YOU !!!!!!

    — by Serdar on Feb 26 2021

  • Hello,
    I'm confused and upset today is the second day that blocks me in the app without me doing anything wrong, a survey appeared I clicked I didn't answer anything the app gave me 1 cent and blocked me for 24 hours, can someone help me please? because this is not right, to be blocked without having answered anything.

    — by Érica on Feb 25 2021

  • I cashed out 10 USD about 20 minutes ago and there is no payout. Kindly check

    — by Treasure on Feb 24 2021

  • Please give me my code, I am waiting for you since the morning

    — by victor navarro on Feb 24 2021

  • I have not received my paypal payment and i need to knwo why i checked the FAQs and I still have not received anything

    — by abdullah amin on Feb 23 2021

  • i just clicked on a survey and it said i did it to fast now im blocked from doing anymore for 12 hours wtf i didnt do anything wrong but i got blocked from doing anymore i want to know why?

    — by victoria on Feb 23 2021

  • This app is shocking and outrageous. Fed up of completing surveys for them to withdraw me at the last minute (after getting all my answers and data) to say I’m not ‘suitable’. Worst part is the app consistently locks my account for 24 hours ACCUSING me of FRAUD!!! I’ve done nothing of the sort and followed every rule/instruction and answered every question honestly. Sure this app is a scam in order to use my answers/data and not pay out!!

    — by Rebecca Trenholm on Feb 20 2021

  • Why has my account been suspended when I have done nothing wrong other than answering surveys honestly

    — by Dan on Feb 20 2021

  • Hello,
    I can't payout my cash.
    Even though my account is old enough, Poll Pay doesn't let me payout.

    — by Peiman Tabibzadeh on Feb 20 2021

  • Hello,
    I can't payout my cash.
    Even though my account is old enough, Poll Pay doesn't let me payout.

    — by Peiman Tabibzadeh on Feb 20 2021

  • I’m trying to cash out after receiving my 6 digit code. And it doesn’t give me an area to enter the code. It does nothing.

    — by Paul on Feb 11 2021

  • Hi PollPay,
    I registered my account Last year Dec 2020... I tried to cashout my $15 and $10 on two seperate occasion to my paypal account this month, sadly I haven't receive any of the payment till now.
    I have ensured to follow duly the instruction given for a successfully withdraw. Please, resolve this issue.

    Account Gmail: [email protected]
    Login ID: 101311747505748115365

    — by John Stevek on Feb 11 2021

  • I just made a request of $10 from my account, but pollpay is yet to pay me. This is unlike them.

    — by Gilbert on Feb 08 2021

  • Hello, I have recently been experiencing a problem everytime i try do a survey- a page occurs and says server error in application. Please resolve this issue.

    — by P25 on Feb 02 2021

  • I didn’t receive my 15$ Amazon paiement ... can you help me

    — by Gabrielle Thibault on Feb 02 2021

  • So I cashed out on a gift card, however, it's taking longer than usual and for me it's usually 1 hour but now it's days.

    — by Isaac on Feb 01 2021

  • I can't click on the Dropbox when I want to click my age or state of residence and other stuff......I had to always quit the survey which is very annoying

    — by David Ojekale on Jan 31 2021

  • Hi, I’ve ordered a 10$ Amazon gift card a week ago and I still don’t have it. I was wondering about how much time it takes to have it. Thank you!!

    — by Charles-André Michaud on Jan 30 2021

  • Hey,
    I made an account over 2 weeks ago and have $15. I have tried to cash out multiple times the past couple days and it keeps telling me “You can only make a payout 5 days after the start of your first survey”, even though I started using this app and taking survey’s well over 5 days ago. Please get back to me.

    — by Cisco Ramon on Jan 29 2021

  • I am trying to get paid for my surveys. I put in my phone number and nothing happens. PLEASE HELP ME.

    — by Donald A Thatcher on Jan 28 2021

  • I pay out Amazon gift card when I supposed to clame the card I thought maybe you send an electronic link or code to redeem the card !!
    Can you please let me know the step I supposed to follow.!! To get my 10$ gift card

    — by Ingrid Carranza on Jan 27 2021

  • I requested for a payout on 13 January 2021 but at that time my paypal account was not verified for international payments
    I contacted paypal customer service thay told me to ask you to cancel the previous one and reinitiate that payment of 5 dollar.
    Please help me out
    My poll pay account [email protected]
    My paypal account [email protected]

    — by Rohan on Jan 27 2021

  • Hello
    I requested for my payout to my PayPal email address [email protected] But, ok can't find my money up till now. My email is correct. Will be expecting your reply. Thanks

    — by Taiwo Fatokun on Jan 26 2021

  • Hello I made a cashout of $25 from to this mail [email protected] and I haven't received my payment.. Please help

    — by John on Jan 23 2021

  • Hi, I invited my friend to sign up an account, but he make the surveys I don’t receive the 15% from him. I don’t understand why.

    Please contact me.

    — by sam on Jan 22 2021

  • I have requested a 10 pound payout from an account linked to apple([email protected]) and it has been a day. I have not recieved my payout

    — by Joseph Micheals on Jan 20 2021

  • Bonjour à toute l'équipe,
    Je viens de retirer exactement 5€ sur vôtre application.
    Mais je me suis trompé en effectuant mon payements.
    J'ai échangé 5€ Amazon alors que j'aurais voulus échanger 5€ Google Play.
    Serait-il possible de m'échanger ce payements au plus vite.
    Je n'utiliserai pas bien sur le code Amazon qui ma été envoyé.
    Merci et bonne journée.

    — by Théo on Jan 18 2021

  • Hello, i cashed out using my correct emial address but i havent received my payout yet? what might be the problem.

    — by danny on Jan 17 2021

  • Completed survey but not paid plzz help

    — by Rijul on Jan 14 2021

  • I have completed the survey but when I have clicked continue it took me to another tab showing error. So please let me know what I have to do in order to get the reward offered for survey

    — by Kiran Hosmani on Jan 11 2021

  • Olá bom dia eu ja tenho o app poll pay a mais de 5 dias e quando eu vou fazer um saque aparece a seguinte mensagem de erro (você só pode fazer um pagamento 5 dias após o início de sua primeira pesquisa ). Como resolver esse erro

    — by Valdemir on Jan 09 2021

  • Spent 25 mins doing a survey. It crashed at the end and I didn’t get paid. 88p.

    — by Rowena Goodman on Jan 07 2021

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