how to cancel eTreat Acne - Personalized ski

How to Cancel eTreat Acne

Published by eTreat Medical Diagnostics Inc.

Learn how to cancel eTreat Acne - Personalized ski subscription on iPhone, Android, Paypal or directly.

Table of Contents:

  1. Cancel on iphone
  2. Cancel on android
  3. Cancel on Paypal
  4. Cancel via Email
  5. Cancel on Website

cancel eTreat Acne - Personalized ski subscription   cancel eTreat Acne - Personalized ski subscription 2

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Cancel eTreat Acne Subscription on iPhone & iPad

  1. On your phone, open "Settings" and tap your Apple ID profile.
  2. Click "Subscriptions" and select "eTreat Acne - Personalized ski".
  3. Click "Cancel Subscription" and confirm the cancellation.

Alternative method via AppStore:

  1. Goto the Appstore » your Profile » Subscriptions.
  2. select "eTreat Acne" and click "Cancel Subscription".

Cancel eTreat Acne Subscription on Android

  1. Launch the PlayStore app and click the hamburger menu icon.
  2. Select "Subscriptions" » tap "eTreat Acne - Personalized ski" » click "Cancel Subscription".
  3. Your subscription to eTreat Acne will now be canceled.

Cancel eTreat Acne Subscription on PayPal

  1. Sign in to your PayPal Account and click "Settings ".
  2. Select "Payments" and click "Manage Automatic Payments".
  3. Under Automatic Payments tab, click "eTreat Acne - Personalized ski" or "eTreat Medical Diagnostics Inc." » "Cancel".
  4. You are now unsubscribed from eTreat Acne

Cancel eTreat Acne via Email

  1. Open your email app
  2. Provide all the relevant information regarding your account.
  3. Provide a reason for the cancelation.
  4. Send the email to [email protected] Login to see email.

Alternatively, you can directly ask eTreat Acne customer service to cancel your subscription using the form below:

Already have an account? Login here

Cancel Subscription Directly on eTreat Acne's Website

  1. Visit their website - and login to your account.
  2. Goto your profile or account page and click "Billings" or "Subscriptions".
  3. Click "Cancel" to remove your subscription.

About eTreat Acne - Personalized ski App

Let your journey to clear skin begin! eTreat Acne provides you with the tools you need to get achieve healthy, clear skin. We learn about your preferences, analyzed your skin and from there connect you to amazing products that are delivered right to your door! We also have features that let you track your lifestyle and treatments so you can understand what factors in your every day life may be contributing to your breakouts. How we help you treat your acne: Personalized skincare routine: We get to know you by asking a few questions and analyzing your skin. From there, we build you a custom skincare box that meets your needs and budget. We work brands of all sizes to ensure that we help you find the right fit! Lifestyle Tracking: With lifestyle tracking you can track your diet, stress, sleep, cycle and more to understand the impact of these factors on your breakouts. Everyone reacts to the world around them differently, so our ‘note’ feature allows you to discover what habits work best for you and which factors may be causing acne. Get personalized insights over time to help you on your journey to clear skin! Acne detection and analysis: We detect active acne and provide you with insights on how to treat it based on facial region. We also let you measure your skin ‘score’ by region to help you target specific areas. Track your progress: Skincare can be expensive and sometimes it can be tough to know if your products really work. eTreat Acne can help you track your skin progress overtime. All you have to do is log your skincare products, take a selfie and we do the rest of the work for you! — At eTreatMD we are committed to create the best experience for our users. Say hi or send your questions and feedback to [email protected]

cancel eTreat Acne - Personalized ski subscription   cancel eTreat Acne - Personalized ski subscription 2

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